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Creative Freaks (Supported by SugarApps) finally got on the trend of tab for voiced with dummy head phones style app!! Collab with Eterire (Collab with Movin★ On)'s CD series of the same name, along with characters beautifully illustrated by Sakiya (I don't really know about the artist since you don't see much of that traditional style of colouring or that level of details for otome games. Simplicity is the trend. But I had a look at her website and note she's been involved with merchandise design and CD jacket design of many Rejet's titles!) brings a new reverse gender story based on the historical figure Hikaru Genji!

Interestingly I happened to have watched the movie version Sennen no Nazo of the story few weeks back, but I must admit it confused me just like the title. XD Though saying that it might be the perfect opportunity to learn more about the characters with this app.

Read on for short post.
Genji Cover
All the routes!

Set in the Heian period, Heroine is the historical figure Hikaru Genji, the daughter of the Kiritsubo King and his favourite Nokoui. As time has passed, Hikaru is grown to be like her name, a sparkling beauty that is admired and proposed by many of various status. Who will she choose in the end?

Characters (Scheduled order)
Genji Character select
Only Rokujyou's voice is avaliable at the moment.. =3=

Rokujyou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
Tsukiyo (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) - To be release in July
Yuugao (CV: Takuya Eguchi) - To be release in August
Aoi (CV: Ono Kenshou) - Funny how he's placed as the first like the Drama CD order with Tokuten Voice unlockable now, but the main voices to be release in September only.
Yukari (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) - To be release in September
Tounochuujyou (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) - To be release in October

As with many voiced apps by various companies, there are approx 40 voices per character (Much fewer compared to other similar titles, probably closer to the Situation Kareshi ones given SugarApps is the supporting developer) provided you pay for them of course, otherwise, you can still enjoy the free samples of 10 free voices per character!

Wasn't expecting an app for this Drama CD at all! Given the teasers provided on their website was songs and all! I must say I think Toriumi's song was better than Ono's, but Ono's one seems to be more suited to the Heian period whilst Toriumi's one was more modern like. Anyway back on to this app, I must say I'm not particularly a fan of the jealousy type nor his voice so I can't comment much. So to be honest I'm more looking forward to the other voices to be added!

Meanwhile, there's two type of serial codes according to their announcement, one is from the character song CD and the other is at various Animate stores! Now all we need to do is wait for some good people to share that code... XD Though saying that if you could read SugarApps' twitter photo with the serial code from Shinjuku Animate store... you might be lucky. :P

Nevertheless, worthwhile keeping for the voices and most definitely for the beautiful illustrations! (And yes, this post is short since I blogged these type of apps too many times)

Official site

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