[iPhone] Dasshutsu Game! Kamisama Room Minna wo Kyushutsu

Get them outta here!

After recent comment on the Escape games Lapis to Fushigi na Labyrinth (My post here) and Mahou no Melody (My post here) by i-style project (Surfersparadise and Studio Deen), I had a quick look and note that the same team have released a completely free Escape game recently!

Gonna say I do have a thing for these pixels style apps that they make! Not to mention the short little puzzles too!
Kamisama Room Cover
I like to think Stage 1's character Ai as the main character of the story... XD

You have become the God of these mysterious rooms filled with people who couldn't get out and waiting to be helped. In order to aid them with their problem, search the rooms and open the way out.

Game is split into 30 mini stages (30 different rooms with 30 different characters with profile too! ). The app utilises the touch technology, so when coming across suspicious area player need to tap, swipe/flick and shake/rotate (This is the best hint where you get stuck orz) to find objects/codes hidden within the environment, break the code and collect items complete stage!

Kamisama Room Stage Select
Choose your favourite who to help!

Unlike the previous Lapis titles, it doesn't have the save and load function. But I like it how you could skip stage when you're stuck with stage select. And when you click to play previous stuck stages and solving them in the end would automatically skip the completed stages and to the next unsolved stage. Although saying that it doesn't retain the items picked up during the unsolved period when you re-enter the stage.

Further, there's additional mini information/hints on twitter for the characters. Using the hints and help them escape (Sometimes the aim is not simply to escaping the room)! Though saying that, I didn't check it at all since I don't have twitter account.

The game lacks the introduction part of it. You won't find out that you were helping God to solve the problems of the 30 unique characters (There are animals too) with personality until you complete it all which gives you the credit.

Kamisama Room Clear
I won't spoil the Congratulation picture, but here's my completion time!

Also, they actually timed your game play! I managed to complete the game in 45 minutes, though saying that I'm not sure how it is measured. Whether it was app opened time (I stopped playing for abit and had dinner before I tackle some of the harder ones).

I was shocked at how easy Stage 1 was. As usual, I think the hardest puzzle is the one that you need to decode. D: One of the stage (Nurse) requires you to think outside the box (Here's my hint for those stuck on that stage 23). As usual there are items which is to distract you. Food is always a good distraction... particularly one on the side of the road (Not) in stage 17. Sometimes the answer is beyond your imagination...! (lol At the Banana stage 28)
The last stage rescue was the most interesting one as it depends on the current date you play into the calculation for the code. That being said, it was an highlight of the game as any answers you found online would not be applicable to you!

Kamisama Room Stage
Final stage!

Further, to make it even more mind blown, you will find that the guy from stage 30 is actually the husband of stage 27 wife and dad of stage 4 baby! There are some interesting reads and find if you take your time to read them all - if I'm not mistaken I think the transfer student is from Lapis to Mahou no Melody too! Such a small pixel world! XD

Regardless, I have to say I enjoyed the game and worthwhile recommending to the others to compete on whose got the quickest finishing time! :D

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