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Catching Game!

Brought to you by IDAC co ltd, which is known for many of their Escape games title. I was only able to play it previously on Android... but they finally released it onto iPhone (English too!) at last as A Cheating Game Takeru's Blues!

Also, for those without Smartphones have no fear! Since they have a PC version of the game online too! (I highly recommend checking out their pictorial strategy guide! )

Keeping this short as it's a short game and been around on Android for sometime!
Uwaki Cover

Takeru goes to a special school for becoming a chef. You have lost in contact with him for several days because he was in the rural country area without reception looking after his sick dad. Today he decided to make up for it by invited you to his place for a home cooked meal, but as his girlfriend you think something fishy is going on as you discovered items in the household that doesn't belong to him?!

Uwaki Gameplay

It's similar gameplay to most escape games, except in this case you're collecting evidence to catch him cheating on you! Navigate around the apartment by tapping suspicious areas. The aim is to decrease the Love meter. The Love meter decreases when you find evidence of cheating and increases if you believe his defence is reasonable (Although saying this you don't get to choose to believe it or not =3=).

Uwaki Interrogate

Upon collecting all the evidence, you interrogating Takeru by presenting him with the evidence you found to try and prove his unfaithfulness!

There is a total of 3 different endings Bad End aka Game over (Increasing the love meter consecutively at the very beginning), Good End and Super Happy End (Important! Read the note book in Takeru's room!). I find the Happy Ending interesting because I was under the assumption the point of the game was to make them break up (The misleading app icon of Takeru with a slap mark)! You find out that Mei is the one hassling Takeru and the video was of the group trip.

Although knowing that, it's kind of funny how you had to hide away when there are visitors and Takeru's lie of visiting parents... just makes it all seems so suspicious! Unless the story explains how Mei is actually a psycho and that Takeru is actually trying to keep you safe by making excuses not to make you worry. But it all doesn't make sense when you throw in the chefs top, iron, knife and particularly that earring on his bed that remains in his apartment (Unless Takeru is a cheap ass and just wanted to save a few bucks XD). Not to mention if guys does decorate a pretty note book at all... could that be the works of Mei!?

One of the highlight of the game is that it have a save function, so you could interrogate Takeru multiple times after seeing the endings. It's no wonder why the app is called Takeru's blues. lol

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