[Convention] Smash Artist Table!

Will be at Smash!

Just less than a week away from Smash!! To be held on the 9-10th August 2014 at Rosehill Garden (Finally I could sleep in before I make my way to the venue )!

This year makes a special year because of the venue not being located at the city central, two days convention (second time since quite some years ago), special guests include Kotono Mitsuishi, Toshihiro Kawamoto and our first Japanese Cosplayer guest Reika !

Smash 14 Table
There are 112 Tables this year! (I can foresee that I will be spreeing so much this year , but I think I should be glad there will be lack of ATM due to the location. :P) See Smash's website for the full listing!
I will be having a table in the name of Caramel Momo Jam 120% with Kurako (Yep she needs to update her dA! ) and helper Cel-Nyan! Please drop by Table 75 and say Hi! Our table is Hoozuki No Reteitsu themed (The table name is a give away!) and so is our friends' table at 76-77 for Saturday!

Day 1: Peach Maki from Hoozuki No Reitetsu with Hoozuki, Hakutaku, Oko, Dakki, Beezelbub, Kodama! (Sakuyahime dropped last minute!!! ) I saw a Natsubi at the other convention last time, so hopefully there'll be more different characters!!!
Day 2: Fushimi from Project K with Seri and Akiyama (YES I have an underling!)... and we're 'Missing Kings'...! XD

Some sneak peak below:

Smash14 Knit
Knitted by Kurako's friend! Along with some accessories and note books that will be sold on the table...!

Smash14 Chibis
Some new chibis for this year... (Yes I haven't gotten around to cutting them yet - you probably see me doing them on the day as usual ) I have been lazy and will be selling some pins that didn't make it for last year. There will be a new range of bookmarks on the day also, so please look out of them!

Smash14 Postcards
I will be selling my original prints, the 16 pages 4koma Zine based on my original characters Ookami and Hitsuji (If I managed to sold out this one I will do Volume 2!!! Otherwise I'll do another story...) so I'll throw in a few hand drawn postcards for those who buys my original stuffs!

Smash14 Cosplay Prop
My Saturday cosplay props...! (Took me 3 nights! To make it 120% accurate) The CD cut out paper toy will be available also! Please note that CD and CD case not included! lol I was slightly tempted to do a recording but not up to the level yet. =3=

Smash14 Artist Card
Also, new artist name card for the weekend! I printed more this time so hopefully there's enough for all!

See you then!

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Re: Rikstal

Yeah that was the first one to go out of the cards...! XD

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I really like the postcard on the left with the rose ^^


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