[PS2] Skip Beat! Limited Edition

Found a game! [PS2] Skip Beat! Limited Edition

I was just browsing the internet today and I found out that Skip Beat have a game on PS2 that I didn't know about!! :O Actually I'm excited about this because of its limited edition cover. What's this I'm seeing? Am I dreaming? lol
Thoughts from just looking at its Official Site:

* The limited edition cover... !!! !!! !!! (Insert scream here)

* Kyouko looks different... I dunno, like the eyes are not as pretty as the original mangaka's. :P

* Ren would not dress like that as shown on the top page. He looks like a host now. lol

* The background on the Specs page... !!! !!! !!! (Insert scream here) - Further emphasis on the point above.

* Maria looks alot less evil. orz

* OMG! Reino (Member of Vie Ghoul) is actually in this game!

* Miroku's (Member of Vie Ghoul) character voice is Ishida Akira!?

* The background on the Special page... !!! !!! !!!

* CG2 looks BL lmao

* Love CG5 Ren & CG3 Reino (Doki Doki moments <3)

* OP Movie - OMG is that the Angel Version of Kyouko I see!?

Selling point: REN!!!

I really wanna know the ending of the game...! O.O Is it only Ren route or Sho route is avaliable as well...? I have a feeling its mainly Ren route, since Ren is on most of the pages. lmao


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