[NDS] Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

My play History of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Part 1

Finally! After so much spoiler from other people's fanarts, and reviews and all. I've even read the first volume of the manga by Shiro Amano (who also drew the privious games!)! Though the first volume doesn't review much. :P I've decided to play Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! XD

I'm won't be writing a whole walkthrough for this, however I think I'd let you on abit of tips prior/during the game.
358/2 is an interquel which occurs conincidentally to Chain of Memories. (I think... LOL)

* Make sure you clear as much challenges and missions as possible. You'll find that the missions are easier to complete compare to the challenges. (They're normally hard otherwise it wouldn't be called a chellenge would it? :P) Go to Moogle to redeem your awards! They're great since they're free compare to the things you need to buy/synthesize.

* Try to fit in all gears/skills with number next to them.

* I find that it's not that useful to equip potions into slot since your allie would heal you.

* Save Money/Heart points for special items - i.e. don't use it on potions etc.

* Golden Rule! Magic is for the BOSS!

* Unlocked characters are the best character to select for your missions! You could use the other characters, however the way they fight/combo/run would be different.

* Always look behind you on arrival, there tends to be treasures/badges to be picked up that you might miss!

* Link your panels!

* Always ask the members - they give you special quests with rewards/hidden missions.

* Don't forget to check the missions list, since you'll be able to play the missions that you have not unlocked - due to various reasons.

* Don't be put off by the number of days. It does skip the days, so you're not actually playing 358 days! XD

Spoilers ALERT!

Random thoughts

* Axel seems to know ALOT about emotions though he's a nobody.

* I find that Axel is such a great guy after playing this game! <333

* The stories in each world seems to be standard. If you have played the other KH games, it's okay to skip the movies.

* Day 171: What's Love? When Roxas asked Axel about love, there's so much thing that could be made a pardoy of... in particular BL ideas. orz

* Saïx disapprove of Xion! Perhaps he wants Axel and Roxas to get together instead!? LOLZ

* The reason why Saïx hates Xion!? That's because, Xion is the additional member of the Organisation XIII! How could it be XIII when it have 14 members!? XD

* There appears to be only 1 bed, and the same bed. lol Perhaps that's why they're not allow to take time off since there's not enough room for resting.

* They sleep with their coat on! So... do they take baths/shower AT ALL?

* I wish they make mini rooms like that themed for Alice in Wonderland! It'd be so COOL! <333

* Axel princess carry Xion!

* Saïx have some secret relationship with Axel in the past?!

* Roxas: "I think I'll have bone instead of Seasalt icecream today..."

[ NDS] Kingdom Hearts Re:Code
I wonder if it's worth while to start on Kingdom Hearts Re:Code on DS after this game, since I don't have a PSP to play Birth by Sleep. *Goes sob in the corner* WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE IT ON PS! They want us to buy all console or somthing?! T3T

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