[Cosplay] Smash!

Smash! @ Rosehill Garden

It's been a while since Smash's a two day convention (First one was at Roundhouse and also clashes on the City2Surf Sunday! ).

Probably easier to break down into sections...

Some mini Cosplay Photos near the end of the post, feel free to skip!

Saturday Jigoku Cosplay
Hoozuki @ Kaya
Hakutaku @ Haruki
Oko @ Kurako
Dakki @ Cel-Nyan
Beezelbub @ Bambi
Peach Maki @ Nabari
Photo & post edit @ Nabari with Bambi's camera... somehow I managed to shoot "out of focus" photos on an autofocus slr... (I'm so rusty nowadays orz *excuses*)

Sunday Scepter 4 "Missing Kings" Cosplay
Seri @ Kurako
Akiyama @ Cel-Nyan
Fushimi @ Nabari
Artist Circle / Guest Hall
Despite arriving late due to being directed to the wrong side of the venue, walked back to the correct side to collect the lanyard and return to the parked side to set up the table which was a time consuming process, we managed to start... on time with the help of our friendly neighbours - Chacha and Colin from Melbourne! Chacha was suppose to be our Kodama but didn't managed to receive her costume on time. orz

Only had a chance to browse around for artists goods around lunch time after Zhen's arrival, to realised all the awesome artists on the other side of the wall (facing the entrance while we face the race course with plenty of sunlight). I'm still surprised I managed to sell something despite the pricing and quality. Suppose there are just too much things to see...

Smash14 Sat Zhen
My table partner - Zhen!

That aside, I must say because being told of the high priced food at the venue, we bought along snacks and had Zhen's home made bento so it was a weekend full of munching. I actually felt that I was starving on Monday after being overly well feed for the weekend. Many thanks to Zhen and Kurako and contribution of misc others' snacks...!

Smash14 Loot
Here's my loot from both days...! Kingyousou cushion (It's very soft and cuddly) given to me by Chacha from Animecha! Here's a note to friends who knows I hate Polly (Apollo) and note the book Gyakuten Galaxy (I flip through it and the title seems to be more like Polly Galaxy orz) - I bought it because a friend Kaipy drew it - plus... there is a few appearance of Phoenix in it which I was happy about. >3<

Not alot, mostly because I went to Maid Cafe and attempt to queue for signature and merchandise in which I didn't managed to get a book of Reika... orz I overheard some guy telling this other girl that only one item allowed to be signed and she said it's fine since she sold it to someone else at a higher price of $10... I think she was talking about Reika's postcards. Wish they put a limit 1 item per person because there was no way of getting signature and the merchandise at the same time!

Smash14 Reika
That aside, alot of fangirling for Sunday as I managed to get to seat near front row for Reika's panel thanks to Kaya.

Maid Cafe
I finally managed to go to Smash! Maid Cafe this year. Despite the minor hiccups - not allowed in due running late (was queuing for Reika's signature) and was told to re-queue to book and then the realisation of basically heading up and wait - the overall experience was by far the best for Sydney (I'm only comparing this to Animania and Supanova this year though). We were unorganised and had changes made for us without much fuss which I was glad and please about. Have to say that the venue is brighter than most other places. A bit of downside to the photo area being outdoor and windy - makes one feels sorry for the maid outside all day taking photos. ;A;

Smash14 MaidCafe
Here's a picture of the dessert...! lol I ordered a ramune instead of calpis and I can't help but laugh when I see how hard the butler tried to open the ramune in mid-air.

Overall, Haruki and I felt that Dokidoki Station (Melbourne) was abit more organised (Maybe because they have smaller venue and less staffs), and especially we do like the fact that the Maid could draw on the crepe. Desserts seems to always be a better option for Maid cafes than having mains! Sydney is too restricted on the catering at the venues with what food and prices. orz Though saying that I think the dessert was reasonably priced and all up works out similar to a set deal of approx $20-25 mark (Include Polaroid).

Mini photoshoot
Saturday was mostly to do with Pairings... somehow felt out of place as Peach Maki so I decided to be a cameraman!

Smash14 Sat Yen
All the Yen!

Smash14 Sat Nap
Our Hoozuki can't be this Ikemen!

Smash14 Sat Fight
Bambi being his usual self of self defeat...

Smash14 Sat CD
My take on the 何だこれ Face with my 3 days remake of the Caramel Momo Jam 120% cover...!

Smash14 Sat Group
We did a little dance (And abit of singing due to lack of music) before wrap up the shoot...!

Sunday it was my fault for not having a group photo...! We jokingly said we're the Missing Kings version since our Blue King didn't come... Although saying this, apparently there was a Suoh wondering around...! I only saw an Anna at the panels and briefly spoke to her at the end of the day without taking a photo together! ^^; Kurako and Cel-nyan probably hate me for running away...

Smash14 Sun Polaroid
Some polaroid on Sunday! There was another set for Saturday, but it wasn't complete...

Pretty much the only non friends cosplay group that I took (Too many awesome people but at most time CBB)...
was the male Diabolik Lovers group...!!! XD I must say... a few of us looked at the photo again at Ayato's ab... that aside, that picture didn't have Yui and Raito whom I only saw at the end of the day separately.

One of the downside for both days was that I never managed to see the Sword Art Online exhibition (Not really a fan but still) which was located in the vendor hall near the entrance! I wonder if they had much figurines that was on sale... orz NEXT YEAR!!! I shall visit you!!! ARGH.

Now it feels empty as the one and only anime/manga convention in Sydney is passed. TAT There's still OzComicon and EBExpo but I don't think I'll be going to either of them this year...

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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