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Weeks full of mysteries

Brought to you by Goodia Inc., a detective style Escape game! It reminded me of Professor Layton in the first place due to the drawings, but the puzzles were not as easy as it seems (I think it was more closely related to Detective Conan when I had a look at reviews or walkthrough online, most probably because of the use of Meitantei ).

It took me a while to get through the game but finally finished! And as I thought I have posted this previously, now I'll post the two sequel games below the cut as a trilogy...!
Main Characters
Mitou Riku, aka Billy - Detective and protag of the story.
Umino Hana - Your regular Detective's bubbly sidekick Assistant
Yoshida Youko - Regular Client (lol Billy probably relied on her to cover all the expenses)

Story (Released in May 14)
The story starts from looking for Mrs Yoshida's lost doggy where it was last seen was at the local park on the Monday, to Friday where Detective Billy puts his life on the line...

Sequel 2 - Saikai (Released in July 14)
Mrs Yoshida's niece Marina have been bullied and her things were being stolen at school everyday. Yoshida requested Billy to find out the culprit, so the pair sneak into the school late at night. But it seems like there are alot of Paranormal activities that can't be explained...?!

Sequel 3 - Shukuteki (Released in August 14)
Mrs Yoshida requested the pair to win the Pair Stamp rally to obtain a super rare Majo card from a popular Anime from a Shopping mall event! There a mysterious pair appears as Billy's rival!?

Tap to investigate suspicious areas or talk to characters or to pick up or select items to use / zoom in (View detail). Normal completion of the day would receive one star. The three stars rating indicate you have found the useless item/bad end for each day.

Billy isn't popular enough to be called the Meitantei, probably more so free-lance detective, but certainly not a famous one (with one major client). He is probably closer to that of Gintoki from Gintama - this really comes to mind as he's pretty much a Nandemoya (Or in other words a Yorozuya). It wasn't until when I start reading into the characters profile did I find out that Billy and Hana is suppose to be the same age...?!

There are bad endings in each in game day (chapter), although saying that I only managed to find one in the last day (Friday) of the first game (Because that's when I struggle to use items randomly lol) where I gave the bone to Billy and the CG event was hilarious. XD There are 9 CGs to every game. I mostly enjoy the bad end CGs (Mind you, they had event/normal end CGs too! But they won't that funny. XD) and the casual light BGM by 12sound just adds to it.

Here we go again...!

The stories starts off around the same with their favourite client Mrs Yoshida, except in its sequel it advertise/promote its series! lol Further, there are few familiar items could be picked up in its sequels which is a good sign (They only add the star ratings apparently )!

Items that looks familiar and at the same time useless for the story, but nevertheless adds star ratings for the day. lol

Downside is the puzzles, which do get abit hard/challenging and less straight forward (like I find the answer not entirely logical hence chances for those bad end CGs lol)... fortunately you're stuck in a little room/area whilst trying to figure what to do so you do finish off eventually. Sequel 2 was quite creepy in contrast to the other two games, especially when the pair of arms out from the wall...! TAT (Although I did suspect some CG to happen in my face but still! ) The sense of murderous atmosphere echoes while playing it late at night. Sequel 3 got even harder, especially the conversion of Japanese to digits for the blue box and when you have to turn the lights off for the digits (Now why can't they just make us enter digits instead!?). The other thing was to do with Japanese sayings, which by chance allowed me to unlock bad ends. orz

There were a lot of missing information that's not provided to us, let alone training us how to get used to the gameplay. It's almost as if it was common sense, but not so much... some items even get carried forward to the next day (Only applied in the first game)! They introduced moving between locations (As if it's the puzzle wasn't hard enough already) and having different characters as assistant. lol Yoshida have her own gif/animated CG!
There were many background stories of characters not explained (Such as Hana's parents and the jewel memento in the first game, 'Murderer' in the second, Rhythm Thief Kaito and his people in the third), which is why it's only right to have the sequels (To be honest I felt that the Chapters gotten shorter and shorter )!

It is recommended to play in order as the stories add to the character's stories and are somewhat linked together. However I do hope they develop the relationship of the characters further instead of introducing more side characters. Regardless, I do look forward to a forth week of the Detective Billy - if any. :P

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No title

I don't think I'll ever start playing it even if it's free.

But since you already started playing, it makes sense. Lol.

Re: SparkNorkx

lol Nothing could compare to PW series! XD I'd say it'll probably be closer to Ghost Trick given the little trial and error type puzzles.

I did enjoy this game as a stand alone mobile app. Probably just the actual story is abit lacking and not solid as I don't really see them trying to review the story behind Hana's background, let alone Billy's even with the next release. But I can't complain much... given... it's a Free app!


Meh, looks quite cheesy and it also seems to be a typical copy cat of the Pheonix Wright series or Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


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