[iPhone] Dasshutsu Game Toaru Idol no Choudasshutsu

Idol's worst nightmare!

Brought to you by ESC-APE (whom I believe doesn't have a website site, and it's actually released in the name of Munenori Masuda)! As suggested by the company name, they have various escape games which are Free to play!
Like many, this one caught my attention with the beautifully drawn character in contrast to other escape games! lol Not to mention the rooms are beautifully illustrated also.

I checked the review and noted one actually summarised it as a kuso avatar clothing collection game! Things never seem as logical as they should be but then again, not like you have time to process what is actually happening to wake your common sense!

Short games comes with short post!
ToaruIdol Cover

The new Bishoujo Idol Maebashi Mayuna woke up in the locked practice studio with no member in sight and let alone her stage outfit! At this rate she would be late for the live concert performance! Solves various puzzles to retrieve all parts of the performance outfits and props, whilst trying to get out from the practice room, dressing room, restroom, corridor and lead her to the Concert hall ASAP!

As with most escape games, tab on suspicious area to find hidden items, tab on item to use and combine with other items!

ToaruIdol Gameplay

Recommended for people who (This is translated from their app description lol):
* Likes Idol
* Likes to play Escape games
* Likes to read or play Adventure / Novel games
* Likes to challenge interesting games
* Likes to aid people who are in distress

ToaruIdol Items

Yep... that pretty much sums up the whole game.

There are few special items among the avatar in order to unlock the multiple endings. There are 3 different types of endings - bad, normal and complete the stage outfit before heading to the stage to achieve the ultimate Happy end (This end is abit tricky and you may miss it as it's not so much in your face - who puts a ring there anyway!?)! The three endings were all different and have its unique feels to it. lol

ToaruIdol Fate
Default ending!

Gotta say I love the autosave function, which allows me to unlock the 3 endings without having to replay all with minimal efforts. Apart from the ending CGs, there are a few in-game CGs here and there whilst looking for items, and must admit those angles are definitely fan services angles - so moe! lol I think this app is better done compared to their other works such as Yakuniku Dasshutsu and Soccer Stadium karano Dasshutsu - despite both provide useful information (Regarding Yakuniku or Soccer lol) at stage completion as the others get repetitive when you see the same environment over and over again. I've tried to play Dasshutsu No Kuni No Alice which seems more promising but have been forced out before it even started (I might give it another go on an Android orz).

The bad and normal endings are things we're likely to expect at completion - I mean the normal ending basically explains why she was locked up right?! The hardest part is to look into details of the rooms for the number answers upon repeating! There are approximately 10 questions where you have to answer 5 correctly in order to reach the ending of the game. And I certainly appreciate the last one which is like out of the blue - I SO didn't see that coming!

Haters (Fans) gonna hate!


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