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Yume to Shibou ga Ippai

Just when I thought there was only the additional exercise update to Futoshi no heya (My post here, personally I don't think the new exercise is effective because the gameplay is simply just... hard to achieve. orz See for yourself!), I learnt that AQUA Co. Ltd actually released an additional sister game for gaining weight for Futoshi in his dreams! lol Suppose that explains why he would revert back to his old self after the game (Well I finished the game around 3-4 times and couldn't unlock the wedding suit scenario!)...
New character - Chibi Futoshi!

Story Mode - 3 stories, only 1 & 2 available at the moment with 5 stages in each themed story.
Endless Mode - yet to be released.


Complete dreams (quests) in each stage as Chibi Futoshi falls and collecting the required amount/type of food within the time frame provided. The direction of Chibi Futoshi's falling depends on how you tilt your phone.


I think they should probably add this as an mini game within Futoshi no Heya instead, given it's so short in length. (Could finish within 10 minutes?) Just a thought that it could probably because a challenge as he eats in his dream his weight would increased abit but at the same time happiness level to burn? XD


To be honest, I didn't really take note of the calories because of how cute Chibi Futoshi looks (Well the food also), but man that calories sounds crazy! While I'm at it, I think Chibi Futoshi could actually be evil as he doesn't seem to consume any of the food he collected from the sky! XD Let's face it! He even jump onto Futoshi's stomach!? (Also realistically, all the food should have come out as soon as Chibi Futoshi landed on him lol) He's probably only seen as an angel in Futoshi's mind because Chibi Futoshi deliver food to him while the heroine (Player from Futoshi no Heya) doesn't (You could but I normally choose not to feed him lol)!

Personally I don't think they will update this app with additional clothing (Would be nice but not likely after when Story 3 is release), nor CGs (Not that there's one to begin with XD), so I'll probably continue with Futoshi no Heya instead (If I ever feel like it again ).

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