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Brought to you by Chronus App Inc., known for many of their Houchi (Leave alone) / Shop running game style apps, ranges from different cruisines /locations and many more. But surely playing few of their work is more than enough as they don't seem to vary much between one to another. One can't help but see a familiar looking snowman in their Boku to Yuki no Shoujo amongst many of their (Templated! Just check out their farms and you know what I mean by Templated) apps.

There's a guy version of the app called Mote Mote Renai Panyasan Bishoujo To Ore To Panya no Monogatari (Geez that's very lengthy title ). Not only that, you actually get more choices in the characters!

Short game post will be short!
To be honest I thought the girl here on the cover art was Heroine... turns out she's just a side character. lol But actually both Nozomi and Saki have the same hair colour... (Funny thing the parents both had dark green colours )

Nozomi's Father disappeared overnight which shocked her Mother to be hospitalised. On top of that, she was dumped by her fiance-to-be boyfriend whom she have been dating for 3 years. While decided to help out with the Bread shop on behalf of her father, appear before her is the young member of a family that owns the famous bread chain and is responsible for Nozomi's dad's disappearance due to the land development project of his company, not to mention it's her Childhood friend Shou!?


Collect ingredients, study the receipts to make delicious bread to earn money! To progress through the story you need to fulfill the required recipes (Total of 60 recipes/chapters) and/or sell enough. Good thing with these games they don't worry about the costs of ingredients (Unless you want them instantly, otherwise, grow your own)! Only to purchase new recipes for the shop and equipments for the farm/garden.

If you complete all the recipes and obtain all the sales revenue, you could basically read the whole story without interruptions (Although unlikely, because to unlock the last piece of premium beef you would have to sell over millions)!

Spoilers alerts!
lol I actually prefer the Shun but probably because he reminds me of Kazama from Hakuouki because his obsession with children. Although he seems to be a crazy Melon bun obsessed rich guy who wants to promote the goodness of the bread to his company, his imagination tends to run wild. On top of that...

That "Baby" Talk... XD But he goes further than Kazama thinking about the future of their future kids!

Personally, I think the game would be abit more interesting if they allow player to choose the route. If only they replaced the friend Saki with a boy character, then you'll have another character option! (But it's still not 4 like the one for the guys, plus you don't really get to choose your endings so why am I even complaining? =w=) Though saying that I have a feeling that they want everyone to be happy including Shun so they made him moved on to Saki after the rejection (Don't we love the fact that the story advances so quick for these games!).

Now for another!

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