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Brought to you by Geniee. Ltd comes an app that assist in producing Lotto numbers (With the capability to store up to previous 10 set of predicted numbers!) that appears with the compliment of Ikemen and Kawaii characters as the title suggested - based on the Shinsengumi characters! Also an interesting note, there is BGM song Distance by Maoudamashii! Free music is everywhere (I must add I think the singing abit over for a number prediction app)!

Weird app will be weird.
Loto6 Cover
The mains looked as if they're out from different era. orz

Lotto Gameplay
Loto6 Input
Enter the last two rounds of numbers (Note, prediction won't work until you fill in all the numbers!) then with a simple click of a button, Souji will make a prediction and display result!

Rokuta Souji
Kontou Isami
Hijikata Rokuzou

My first thought, what's Rin from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club doing in there!? XD Then another thought why there isn't 6 characters in total (It's a sentai thing), or the fact that not all characters have a 6 in their name...! (I'm probably asking for too much here now XD) Despite having character profiles, I still feel that they should add abit of story (Even if it's just texts only) to it. lol I could so imagine it turning into a Otome game with Oroku profile being moved to the top of the page (I'm probably reading too deep in each male character's profile of their thoughts on Oroku).

Loto6 Prediction
It's up to ones imagination what Tousengumi really do... (Are they just a Lotto numbers cutting machines?! )

Whilst googling the Japan's Lottery system, they actually have 7 numbers and not 6 numbers? Suppose it's to ensure that people don't sue them for numbers they bought not being the numbers. Further there's always a comment from Kontou that buying the predicted numbers are at their own responsibilities.

Regardless, this is probably handy to have for those who can't make a decision on the winning numbers to buy...

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