[iPhone] Gijin Battery

Denchi wo Nagamochisaseru Watashi no himitsu

Brought to you by Iwamoto Izumi, showing you the secret to long lasting battery life (Not really, but it's in the tagline lol) and question if you get along well with your iPhone.

Funny how they ask that question specifically for iPhone users... because I don't think I treat it well enough (I always accidentally drop it onto the floor by chance - which is one of the reason why I hardly change the phone case anymore because protection is high lol). But I must say I bet I play with it more than enough... :P

Read on for your characterised phone battery who awaits for you every day!

Wish there was a proper cover illust for this!

* Talk to your Battery!
* Running maintenance for recovery of status (Save battery!)
* Check your daily Horoscope (Require setting up your Horoscope sign)!

I was surprised to see there's the young chibi version (Only appears when the battery is low) and adult version (Normal) of the Battery Gijinka. The adult one looks so efficient in the CGs which (Much like a steam punk style butler! ) contrast the young chibi version (Causal outfit and seems to fails in all he do lol). There's limited information on this kinda of app, but the default (adult) character is Illustrated by Yukiko Ichinose aka Rui.

Maintenance in process! The result CG from this set is abit weird... why is he sitting down!? XD

Overall, I think it's just a number thing. They normally tell me that the it's around 30% for the first one, 80% for the second one and 100% when you run again. Generally I don't see the difference except for the chance for your battery to say different things and show you 1 of 3 sets (Starts and finish) of CGs depending if you're currently on low or normal battery level.

The empty space was original ads...

Whilst amusing for the first uses of the app, I didn't run the daily fortune as much compared to 2/2 Kareshi (My post here) because of all the ads around this one. So personally, I only run the maintenance side of things, that aside it does offer some helpful tips that you may or may not know already regarding reserving battery by switching a few things that you don't use off (Well including iCloud so I suppose it IS iPhone related afterall lol).

One should anticipate something to happen on the 11th November as marked as Denchi's day, and 12th December as Battery's day. I wonder if it's Battery's birthday, so potentially there may be some sort of event (Potentially more CGs)?! Let's hope my speculation (I hope no responsibility to mention this lol) is correct otherwise... you could simply just enjoy the daily horoscope side of the app!


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