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Don until the wall breaks!

Right after I posted my last entry last night for Kabedon, I notice that I haven't tried searching on Android and this one came up! Brought to you by Contents Seven Co. Ltd (I'm not sure if they relates to the Contents7 company that does drama series?), they are probably aiming at breaking all your phones and tablets. lol

No particular storyline, just keep slamming that wall!
It's wall slamming time!


Tap the wall (Centre of the screen) 10,000 times to unlock a CG (I'll refrain from posting those CGs to motivate people to unlock it themselves ).

* Use a ultra sensitive touch screen device. Preferably a tablet instead of a phone as it will be a bigger surface for more fingers.
* Tap (Personally I think small "patting" also does the trick) with both hands (and fingers).
* Sliding up and down with your hands seems to work also? XD
* Take breaks.
* Invite your friends to help tap. lol (Don't we all love to invite people to have play button smash games... and emphasis the fact that's it's FUN!? )

lol Honestly, I think any girls would have ran away after the first (at at least a few) slams, let alone 10,000 slams! Funny thing is that due to lack of story / scenario / dialogue, it felt as if the guy is annoyed at something (Doesn't look too happy whenever he slams lol) but he can't put it into words so he put it into actions. XD I think the scenario could be very different depending on the people - like a loan shark and someone who owes them money. OK, maybe abit extreme. But there is another Kabedon app called Angry Neighbour by Cybergate Technology Ltd that takes Kabedon to a non romantic meaning.

One could finish one within 15-20 minutes (My fingers / hands were tired at the end of it) and unlock the 1 of the multiple endings CGs. Abit of the downside is that you don't get to revisit the endings in a album / gallery, so there's no real number as to how many endings there are. I think they have 3, but I only managed to unlock one a day Ending A & B... and to be honest, they look very similar unless you compare them side by side! lol If I stop updating my blog, you know what happened to my fingers. XD

Highlights of the app is definitely the auto save function (After doing 2,000 odd taps I've decided to see if it saves the count and thankfully it does) so you don't have to don 10,000 times all in one go (Mind you I did take a short break). XD That aside, notice the little details such as cracks on the walls gradually increases the lower the count and one gotta love the fact that there's no ads! (Maybe Android apps don't often get ads like iPhones because they're free listings or no license fees?) Although according to their Twitter, they do intend to put it on iPhone... but to be honest, I'm not gonna don 20,000 more times.

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