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My Ex Boyfriend is a Vampire
What I think the title should really be called. lol

Actually I play alot of these type of Houchi (Leave/Left alone) games such as growing Nameco (Funghi Gardening) by Beeworks Games and various apps by AppAge Limited with a range of grow-able things including Korean Ikemen, Host, Kansaiben Ikemen, Alpaca, and Tooth! I do like the human ones, but mostly because they have a specific characteristic and sentences when they're "brought home". Though I do think the mentioned app lacks challenges or stories when compared to this one.

Cats App (The company that did the trolling Kabedon app, but this one is released with the name Shujiro Beppu) also made Shinigami Santokawa no Escort, but I didn't find the story nor the character evolution as interesting as this one. Curious about what lies upon completion of the charts, I played them all simultaneously. XD

Let's make this post short so we could spend more time growing!
One thing I note that the hair colour of the heroine... is different from the ending CGs!? Maybe it's done by another artist...? XD

You received a phone call from your ex boyfriend who suddenly broke up with you three months ago. As soon as he got into your room, he collapses and turned into a Koumori (bat). You who is a nurse, starts to collect his food for him and watch as he grow into other forms... Will he return to his former self!?

It always makes one wonder the number of Evolutions it takes for a bat to become an ikemen Vampire. They work out really har while you (Heroine) need to go out to collect food! This is probably the only other form that I really like.

Slide to collect blood from victims then go back to the room to feed! Seriously I find this an extremely tiring exercise... why can't they fill the heart meter immediately after collection than to make you double collect!?

Bonus system

Bonus stage could be entered when posted on line, facebook or twitted. Increase the chances of collecting exp point. Another silly thing for this app is that you need to tap each time to feed. Fortunately each tap is 2 exp points (lol actually why can't they just make the exp point number look smaller instead of doubling them!?). The 3 hourly (Approximately) bottles is 30 exp point per bottle. You get double exp all the way upon second completion.

This is slightly annoying as you need to start all over at after each endings (Also make sure you don't choose the same option too orz). Three different endings with CG available, but upon completion, you get a extra story with CG behind the reason why the boyfriend broke up with her. Thankfully, the app keeps a record of the answers you have selected before so you won't get the same ending. That said I did the same ending 3 times on Shinigami Santokawa no Escort because I tap too much to skip the reading (Another reason why I refused to blog about that one) - worst idea ever!!!

It should be noted that Houchi games are always time consuming. But the good thing is that it has an extremely simple gameplay, plus time does help speed things up. They tend to be more enjoyable if they do have a storyline... Regardless, I have committed to their new app again - Unmei no Horoscope 12 Seiza Uranau de Kijo no Mirai! Totally reminds me of Utapri with the outfit and colours... lol I'll attend to it once I finish them.


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