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Gen 3 Pokemon Animal Card Collection 3

And they're finally back after a year! Only Super - because they have sounds!!! And their promotions notices/advertisement goes quicker than the albums and their various merchandise! Again I should have know as it heavily reminds me of the trend of Pokemons, only now that's its more than one region (Animals around the world)!

Commencing from Wednesday 05/11/2014 until 09/12/2014, with over 108 cards to collect! As with its previous releases, a set of 4 Super Animals Sound Cards free with every $20 spent at Woolworths! I love it how they now call them sound card despite the fact that you need to buy the Sound Card Reader machine (Pokedex) for additional $6. =w=

Just typical me being OCD about card collections!
The hard cover album returns! They should have built a slot for storing the reader with the album.

There are 4 different colours/Animal card readers to collect!

Green = Lion, Blue = Tiger, Yellow = Frog, Red = Monkey

To be honest I like Lion the best (The Frog one is cute too). But because Tiger had the same colour as the album (Since Green seems to be more matching to the first album without the scanning function), so I got the Tiger one instead.

Each reader comes with 3 AAA batteries and some decorating stickers so your reader doesn't get mixed up with other people's reader!

Here's what The Super Animals Sound Cards looks like! Check out those barcodes on the side! Simply swipe the sound cards to the card reader and hear the sounds the animals make!

I have a feeling that unlike the lesson learn from their first album, the sound reader will be sold out before the album (since it's not paper, so it's unlikely to have a second release as well!?). Admit it, there's no use for the Sound card album when you don't have the Sound Card reader! But interestingly, the card tins were the first to go!? I didn't even get to see it but just saw the empty shelf despite being only the second date to the start of the promotion period.

This time, I notice that this time Woolworths took the effort to label on shelves and walls which brand products would earn you extra cards so you don't have necessary have to buy $20 worth of grocery! Mind you I did end up paying $2-5 extra just for the extra set of cards.

To make collection process easier, a Swap Day will be held Saturday 6th December from 10am – 2pm in all stores. Further, check out their Swap Zone app to trade spare cards! So do check them out if you intend to finish the collection quickly!

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---------- Edit 08/12/14 ----------

Didn't see this coming! I was fully taken by surprised when I was told by a friend that she saw the swap date as 06/12/14 so I dropped by my local to try my luck with the last 3 cards for my set. Then I saw a little boy with a few green cards and I thought they were the limited edition. To my surprised, the Woolworths Christmas Super Animals Sound Cards - number 109 - 180 (72 cards in total for this expansion pack as they continue from the previous numbering system and they do have sound! ) - are available between 06/12/2014 until the end of year (31/12/2014)! Each album will come with a bonus set of cards for starter!


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