[iPhone] Mamotte BG! Ninmu Kaishi

SP wa Koibito x Dasshutsu game!

Brought to you by ACE Technology Co Ltd, a new style of Dasshutsu + Renai Game! I must say I'm getting stuck with all these numbers games nowadays. orz

They recently released a collaboration (Proves how long it took me to finish this game) with Moe Pira called Ike Pira based on Love Plan Otona no Renai Story by More Games, which requires less brain power. I might do a post on the actual game itself, but since I don't intend to do one for the side apps here's the brief. It's a trump game where you simply add to cards to the number 13. There is no need to clear the deck on hands but the ones on display. There's also two joker cards as your cheat card which will clear the card that you're stuck on. But the main goal to play this is to get the CGs. Tips for those who intend to collect all the CGs, quit game and restart if you have gotten the picture already!

Anyway back to this one...
The cover make it seems like a longer story than it actually is. orz

Mashima is a Bodyguard (BG) who works at a Public Security company. Whilst being assigned to protect his client - the ex Policemen boss's colleague's daughter named Akane - who received a threatening letter since her dad died on the job because of a certain top secret case?! Some days later, Akane and Mashima was abducted and when Mashima opened his eyes, he was in an unknown room. But regardless, he needs to find and rescue Akane ASAP!


As with most Escape games, touch on areas that looks suspicious and collect items to solve mysteries. There's also hint in the settings for when you're stuck! To be honest I didn't find them helpful! orz) You would probably be glad to know you won't be the only one that find it hard.

These games just keeps getting harder (that or I'm just getting dumber and dumber orz)!

Highlighting (Black/White) puzzle, Meitantei Billy 3 (On a side note 4 is out, but is ridiculously short - maybe because of the reduced involvement of Mrs Yoshida - and more mysteries behind the characters not explained - How very typical of Goodnia!) taught me very well that's how this works... only in reverse! XD Probably less squares would be better... since the six looks fat.

This is the way that I did it initially. lol (Note this isn't how the answer should be put!)

There seems to be a lack of character story... I felt that something's amiss. It was more like a short chapter of the full story. Like how this Bodyguard is willing to risks his life to save Akane and that end CG (Yes there're two CGs in total! ) with Mashima hugging Akane (She's blonde btw!). There is room for more chapters... Like the two ikemen support characters Kanade and Manabu that appears at the beginning and at the end of the story - I really don't know what they really do lol - and the otome game like closing CG with the three guys. lol The other downside is that we don't get to see the kidnapper - which is a hidden route - despite him (Personal assumption ) on the cover! But the chances are not likely.

Meanwhile you could still enjoy the challenging puzzle!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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