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Special Demo Version

WOOT! So I went into a local EB games store because of the email they sent out a few days ago for the Special Demo of the Pokemon game plus the Mythical Pokemon Diancie for Pokemon X / Y! I went to another EB games to help a friend get the code and turns out they're not meant to hand them out until Monday 10/11/2014. Guess I was lucky when I showed them the email it didn't have a date? But I note the activation code actually says available from 8-27 November 2014 anyway. =3=

Thought I'd post what you actually get out of the Special Demo!
For once I think they should just make a game with both versions! I mean they're mostly the same thing most of the time... stop making people buy more than one copy! XD The background alternative between the fire or water.

Game flow
Steven the pilot/driver/bulter ...

The general game flow is quite linear. Suppose it'll give you a general idea and not so much a teaser for the beginning of the game. Pity you don't get to choose to be a boy or a girl.orz Player becomes Orlando (He's not named Brendan?) in the Demo and get to borrow Pretty Boy (Quote from Magma Admin Tabitha) Steven's starter Pokemon at level 30 in order to defeat Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Choose your Pokemon!

I actually want to use May but she did have a cameo in the first play. lol Interestingly, player could evolve Steven's Pokemon after 1 level increment. Further player would learn how to capture a Pokemon - level 40 Glalie to be exact - at the end of the first play.

May is so cute!

Upon the second play of the game, player will be lent 3 Pokemon from Steven at level 36. Further, you will note they rotate Latias and Latios between odd and even count of game play.

Reward Listing
1st play - Level 40 Glalie.
2nd play - New face in Mossdeep City.
3rd play - Set of Pokeballs to Pokemon Link.
4th play - New face in Mossdeep City.
5th play - Set of Heal balls to Pokemon Link.
6th play - New face in Mossdeep City.
7th play - New face in Mossdeep City.
8th play - Set of Heart Scales to Pokemon Link.
9th play - New face in Mossdeep City.
10th play - Another set of Heart Scales to Pokemon Link.

NOTE: None of the items could be used in the Special Demo Version.

Unlike most Demo games, this one offers unlimited replay. However, you could only transfer to the full game a Level 40 Glalie, so there's no point in leveling Pokemon after the 10th play. Upon the 11th play, Steven would mention that he have lost count of number of times you have played.

There's something odd about Steven and his generous nature towards little kids... lol

Mega Evolution
Click on Mega Evolution then select the specific skill and there will be a short animation of the Mega Evolution performance (Only happens in the first time for each Pokemon for each game play) - Mega Bracelet power - makeup! (Another reason why I think we should be using May instead of Orlando - Magical girl! lol)


I'm abit sad there was no Pikachu dress up in the demo. lol Won't be able to see it until the full game is released on 21/11/2014!

Side tracked to Pokemon XY abit, the Level 50 Mythical Pokemone Diancie (with Mega Stone) would trigger a mini event where a Butler and Maid would appear, praising how rare Diancie is and if you would give it to them to bring to their Master.

No way was the first option! Unless you're feeling generous!

Not sure what would happen if you give it to them, but with the thought that one Diancie per game, I replied no way. Though I think the result is the same anyway, where the Master would appear and say he envy you.

Diancie's Stats

lol Don't you hate it how they make you have to buy a copy of Pokemon XY in order to have a Diancie that is Mega Evolvable in Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire?! XD But you know what they say, there's no free lunches and they always make you work for freebies!

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