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Ore no Kabedon confessions!

I thought the trend was changed to Agokui (Where the guy lifts up the girl's chin to make direct eye contact with her) but I think I'm largely deceived by the social medias. =w= Suppose no direct skin contact is still the best method!? (Avoid being sued. )

Had a check for more Kabedon apps again and came across this app by LunchPark! Obviously it's a check measure for guys to work out what's the best thing to say after you Kabedon a girl. lol Obtain the highest score then turn it into action! lol Somehow I could just imagine Nozaki using this app for reference for his shoujo manga...

Continue to see the limited screen shots!
The title font reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina. lol (Even the tag line I want to convey to you my thoughts sounds familiar. =w=) Not to mention that I love the simplicity of the character designs (Despite not having eyes I could tell they're both Ikemen and Bishoujo ). That's probably the ideal height for the Kabedon guys and donned girl. lol The only thing that didn't add up is the app icon and the in game graphics.


Enter up to 30 characters sentence then press confess to view the animation and obtain the Kyun score! The app stores up to 50 of your best confessions! Moreover you get to compete with other people via the game centre! (I'm currently ranked 6th place with 15014 points! )

Special keywords would trigger special events! The reactions of the girl ranges from normal, sweat drops, lines, tremble, blushes. It was interesting to see how the girl tremble in terror when you call her Baka. XD That or the exclamation marks or anything that didn't make sense seems to do the trick. lol Foreign languages of love works too. Damare (Shut up) seems to create a good (pink) atmosphere (Score up to 9000 – Yep it's OVER 9000! ) around the two characters (lol Is she a M or what?! ) But the ultimate atmosphere s really orange!

I must say I was well trained by the Troll kabedon app!

I will refrain from posting the special high scores screen shots. But for those whose really lost, you should really go dig out the old shoujo manga to see which one would score a high school! Otherwise, insults is the way to go. lol

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