[iPhone] Black Mail Meruteku de Otose

Mail confession!

Perfect time to clear up some of my backlogs while I'm busy with Pokemon Omega Ruby. XD Although saying that, I think I'm abit late to post this one out having just google again but fail to locate the app anymore...?

Brought to you by Pivo Inc., where you casually confess your love to your crush through mail (texting) technology! For those who wants to try their luck, it was actually released in the name Kobo Yume on iTune, although you'll notice the logo Pivo Inc.

Up to 3 different characters, although unlockable after one another.

Shinomiya Nasaya
Akabane Hayato
Kujyou Rei

Select the correct message to send to continue with the flow of the conversation. The better you respond the closer you get to confess your feelings...!? If you managed to confess your feelings to him til the end you will clear the route and be able to move on to the next character!!

All the conversation goes in a linear direction only. So unless you have chosen the correct one, it doesn't allow you to go any further. Slightly makes it abit more challenging however, annoying when you have to restart over when you are out of hearts. Perhaps they would have been better off allowing you to choose from 5 options instead of filtering through all the possible combination to encourage play. That aside, not much information were provided for each character (There is on the app purchase in the detail information, but not on the actual app ), let alone the gameplay. orz

You have up to 5 chances for choosing the wrong dialogue, otherwise you'll have to start all over. So note down the correct conversation sequence (You will note what is the correct sequence once he respond to you in text instead of punctuation!). I suppose what puts people off is where to start, plus there isn't a online strategy guide anywhere! I'm not gonna type it all up but here's the conversation starter for Shinomiya (His looks reminds me of Liberta from Arcana Famiglia by the way XD)!

Yahho~ is the conversation starter!


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