[3DS] Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

My play History of Labyrinth Part 1

So much feels after seeing Persona 3 in action again (Despite knowing they have the movie but the lack of animation for P3 saddens me always)!

And yep, PQ over Pokemon - I intended to finish Pokemon Omega Ruby before commencing this one but it seems not possible. Although saying this, PQ does resembles Pokemon but just the different elements thrown into the party as well for enemy group... (Excuses)
My Persona Q collection to date... I just need to get the anthology from DNA comics then it'll be complete!

Quick comment on the cover... Aegis's face is marked with the Persona Q logo R mark. orz So much troll.

Time for an all out attack!

Gameplay was reverted back to the old Shin Megami Tensei exploring in maze style with turn-based combat. Alot of grinding because you will go back and forth back to the maze to explore each level (I'm starting to miss those portals that's conveniently places on specific levels in P3).

Personally, I'm never a big fan of the calendar dates / schedule... I feel the pressure of getting everything perfect within the time frame (Timelessness). Although the time limit quests does give a sense of time. The other side of it is the Nurse Clinic rates... increases as you level. Hence I recommend going only when you most of your team have low SP or you're about to go for a boss. Then again you could always rotate your team members and spend those money on the weapons and armour instead. Further, I was caught in surprised that they use the control pad only! Suppose they could only do that because it's a grid based game.

I'm currently playing the difficulty hard. And it isn't that hard to be honest. XD But I do hate permanent death so I didn't end up playing the hardest level aka Risky (The hours of Fire Emblem tortures which I have yet to finish orz).

Although saying that not sure if it would have any impact on the other characters for the story going forward...! Although I doubt that possibility given despite the group that goes into the Labyrinth, they would still appear in the set events.

At end of the first boss, you will have all the playable characters from P3 & 4 (Team Gekkou and Team Yaso) plus two additional characters Zen and Rui and navigate through the maze. Interesting to see everyone could use a sub persona! Makes the game more interesting!

The leader skills is really for Fuuka and Rise, that said you can't remove them from the team, so they ought to have the highest levels compared to other characters if you do rotate team members. That said, chosen protag cannot be removed from the team either. You could also change the Navigation to one of the Velvet room siblings by paying $3.90!

Minor things that I didn't like. Why is the Name field so short!? Only 6 characters for Surname and another 6 for Name.

Originally I intended to give the P3 and P4 protag their real names, but due to the limited character spaces, I wasn't able to do so. This may actually be better if it was the original Japanese game. Hence I actually get slightly annoyed everything when I see all the other characters retaining their own names.

The other downside was the lack of Japanese dubb (No Kaji's voice orz)... I'm probably influenced by the permanent death resemblance to the Fire Emblem to think there should be that adjustment. I should have known better as P3/P4 series doesn't have Japanese dubb either. That said, stroll seems to have replaced the social links and it shows you more character personalities. A handy fast forward button is available for those who doesn't want to read everything.

Alot of linear story at the beginning. I started off with P3 protag. I also had a peak at what P4 protag would be like, it's different but I'm sure they'll get together at some point given it happens at P4's school festival.
My supposed to be limited addition Social link cards (11! But I know from P3Fes and P3P there should be added to at least 20 links!!! =3=) Plus, the Japanese limited edition consist of a Minato (I'm more used to the original comic name for him) figure!!! ARGH I want to add it to my Persona goodies.

Stage 2 consists of answering question and getting the ships...! You could tell there will be BL ships from the first question alone... Whatever happened to the word age!?

I see alot of official ships events so people who haven't played the previous games before could get more understanding of the character personality and background. Luckily the anthology that I had didn't break any news to me (except for the diary aspect and ships lol) despite getting them prior to the released of the title in Australia, so I am anticipating either Rei and Zen to be a Persona...! I'm leaning towards Rei as a persona at the moment because of the healing aspect... but I'm still not sure also because of her bubbly personality! XD Given the location of the character placed and the skills of the characters gives that sense.

* Buy Goho-M every time you enter to the maze! It gets you safely out anytime anywhere - well except during battle (Saves you time from walking to the back to the entrance for the price of 100)!
* Don't forget to check the add on content for some free sub persona to aid persona fusion in the Compendium (Only unlocked upon reaching the third floor)! Level 16 Kaguya, Level 26 Orpheus Telos. Although you could also pay $2.60 for Level 70 Thanatos (P3!) or Level 92 Magatsu-Izanagi (P4).
* Make notes on the bottom screen as you explore and make use of Coins. Never pay the ridiculous amount of play coin to unlock the full floor map...! I only ended up as few as 1 for the last little square that I couldn't make out that I have missed on level two (I think there's a bug =A=+).

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