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Brought to you by WoGa Co Ltd (Released by Cornet) and Happy Happy Voice Project Channel, and illustrated by Yura!!! Opening and ending songs are sung by Soraru (Who's quite known in the Vocaloid world since Kagerou Project, plus he sung the Danganronpa Ending song - that's my limited knowledge of him lol ) × Ume Tora (Vocaloid producer). I must admit seeing Yura's name got me excited (Beautiful drawings) but the opening song Black List was catchy enough to get me hooked!

With simple mini game allowing free to play to unlock voiced drama with seiyuus supplied by the Seiyuu specialty school NMG and manga stories by various artist (which I believe belongs to the same school)!

Sounds promising? Well it is, particularly with their regular contents update!
My favorites conveniently on the cover, in that order too! XD

Heroine goes to PES Gakuen in order to become a seiyuu (Voice Actor). There exists a system where they are to pair up with the opposite sex. Now she needs to pick a person from the 7 candidates from the black box ranges from S class to C class! Once selected, she will be unable to change Partner and on top of that, they're forbidden to fall in love with their partner or will be expel immediately upon discovered. Who will she choose to have a simulation love with?

Characters (NB: Seiyuu names are loosely translated)
Various characters with unique and lovable personality. Though, personality mostly focused on Do S more than Do M (Like really, there's only one Do M - probably because girls are seen as more Do M lol). I'm ordering them in terms of the current ranking with the Love Tickets!


Amamiya Reo (CV: Izuhara Takumi)- S Class Perfectionist & No. 1
Onoda Yuuto (CV: Gotou Akifumi) - Chuunibyou Stalker (and Otome Game otaku)
Wakamatsu Yuugo (CV: Fujita Reiji) - Yankee who wants to be taken seriously
Igarashi Kazuma (CV:Nonomura Sei) - Underground Trouble maker
Yamada Johnny (CV: RYO) - Sleeping demon
Takigawa Kyouko (Hibiki) (CV: Natsume Akiho) - Crossdresser whose doesn't have much luck with the ladies
Matoba Nanato (CV: Wakazono Taka) - Machine Gun Talk (Otaku)

* Voice Drama
* Short Story
* Manga
* Wallpapers

Game Play

Tap to release capsules and collect the coloured capsules within approximately 15 seconds. The capsules will have hidden objects which converts to certain about of coins ranges from 5-50. The rarer the colour the higher points likely to be obtained (Yellow > Red > Blue). Then again, just collecting them all would get you a higher points too. XD

Convert 1,000 points for mini Happy Happy Ticket. Each mini HHT takes approx at least 3 games to reach score of over 1,000. Then it takes 20 minis HHT to get one HHT! Once you have at least 5 HHT (second voiced drama requires 20! ), you could finally unlock the selected manga, wallpapers or even listen to voiced dramas! TvT'

The process is indeed lengthy... BUT if you live in Japan (Don't we all wish we do...), there's the paid version for instore Gacha with two different types of badges to collect at 300 yen per go. Each gacha would come with the Happy Happy Code for a random 50-150 Happy Happy points or 5 love tickets.

1 major criticism for the PV is the small text!!! Although they're short and snappy, I don't see the harm of making them bigger (Ain't those your selling points?! orz )! The heroine's design surprised me abit... seems like Yura's out of designing long hair pretty girls anymore - she does fits the description of normal though. XD Brief comments on the characters ranking, it's only right that the normal kids are at the bottom of the list. I'm curious about the stalker because it seems like a funny story.

There are approximately 15 minutes of voice Drama per character subject to be unlocked, to think the new seiyuu are to voice their first characters (I assume XD) with slight ero scenarios... I think one would see it coming because of Yura and the company. lol Regardless I think it's not overly extreme 18+ stuffs... I hope.

With the third instalment of the voice drama for the popular characters due to be released mid this month, whilst the main game is rumoured to happen next Summer in 2015...! I wonder where will this app will take these new seiyuus to?! Regardless I think it's worthwhile to keep an eye out for further development of the games and story!

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Re: Points

I take it you're looking at the under Love? The points under each characters is their support points. The points can be increased with Love Ticket (comes with the code they get with the gacha badges) is up to the player's discretion to allocate to the characters that they like the most. When the character's support points reach to a certain level (See the Surprise for listing) the company will release added on contents. It's either free like wallpapers or normally unlocked by more love tickets.

I think the support points have frozen currently because the company ran out of badges for the gacha machine. They're due to release second lot of badges soon.

No title

Do you know what are the points for each of the characters? I keep seeing them change but I don't know how.


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