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Last Kabedon app review I promise (At least for this year )! The trend just seems to never die, that or just because businesses are late to party, regardless, we have another decently illustrated Kabedon game brought to you by Atami-Lab (Released with the name Narufumi Iwasaki) and illustrated by Ks0!

Yet another Kabedon!
lol I thought Kabedon is suppose to be right handed...!

After school you go to the school corridor to Kabedon any female that you come across with - this includes female students, teachers, and various females. But of course, there are various males who goes pass here too.

Like most Hero of love simulation games, the main character is eyeless! XD Not really, just happen to be like that in these two pictures!

Make the right decision within two seconds! Slide right to Kabedon girls, or slide left to Suruu (bypass/avoid) guys. If you do it the reverse or not act before the time limit, the game ends immediately. It's hard to tell if some among them were actually girls or guys, you could probably call these characters Trap. XD

* Place your finger in line with the hero's (Suppose he is quite the hero if he kabedon a teacher and other male characters lol) head to slide. I find the how to play picture is quite misleading to slide down the bottom since it doesn't quite work for me (This is also to avoid touching the ads lol).
* Let the app run for a while before continue playing. This should reduce the lag.
* Gender confusion much? Characters height does make a difference, though some trap characters you need to note the little detail such as the little pony tail. The other thing to note is the gym clothing colour - red/maroon is girl and blue is guy!

One major complain - massive laggggggggg (Maybe I have downloaded too much games to be backlog nowadays)! And the count down is too fast (Might be caused by lag but the lag is most likely due to ads!) so basically if you miss the Kabedon or Suruu, the game basically end. I only managed to get maximum 5 don in a game (Highest was 40 after a long run of the app), though saying that, I note the highest ranking board was 787 kabedon! Must be a super fast mobile phone (Mines just old lol )!

My first attempt...!

To be honest, I reckon the Suruu should be allow without any actions! XD And no penalty for no kabedon for Boyish looking girls (I have my preference too you know lol)! Apart from that, I find it funny the kabedon sounded like he have slammed to something metal which echoes in my ears. My mind keep telling me that's no wall!!! The other thing is the expression of some of the trap characters when kabedoned! One is definitely BL!

I prefer gradual blackout more, unlike another Kabedon game that censored the ending CGs which made it look like something 18+ rated.

lol I had to make myself kabedon guys in order to complete the character collection (There are rare characters that doesn't appear often, and they throw them in when you have higher score to break your record when you want to try to complete the database). It's quite weird now that I think about it, the hero keeps photo of people he kabedon before (Before and after Kabedon too! )... and realistically thinking, after long hours of kabedon, the sun would have set and moon have come out, plus, there should be no one else at school! They should probably introduce characters like the security and ghosts for those that did over a hundred! XD Though the chances are not likely, but as usual, one could always dream.

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