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Ikemen wo produce!

Brought to you by Ceitrive (Realsed in the name Yuuto Ueda) the gameplay is much like its precedent app Ikemen Kabedon collection (Which I decided not to blog about as there was another Kabedon app that I enjoyed more instead). Sometimes I would be bothered to type up a post, but not really post it in the end (Hence the endless backlogs that I promised). And there's a reason behind why I'm posting this one...

Story in detail follows.
That's right, there isn't a cover for this app. orz

You who wanted to fall in love with a ikemen childhood friend like in the character Kakinouchi Takuma from the manga Ore no Hatuskoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (btw it's an actual manga by Aoki Kotomi)... but reality is that your childhood friend Onodera Shunsuke have extreme low self esteem and have zero fashion sense! But you haven't given up hope. If he's not ikemen, then all you'll need to do is to turn him into one! Thus starts the Childhood Ikemen Project...


Send Shunsuke onto the street to ask "Ikemen" (His name is what they call Ikemen too but he looks more like Host if you ask me lol) on the street for fashion advise and fill the gauge with Ikemen points (IP) that is use to level up (Speed up or Number up) and advance the story. It is recommended to share at least once a day (I finished the full 7 chapters within a day anyway) either via twitter or facebook to earn 100 IP! It allows you to revisit / continue to play after completion of the story (Though I don't see much point to continue, unless it will change the story but not that this one does). It also gives you the option to use the IP to either speed up (Total of 15 levels) or increase the capacity (Total of 11 levels) to complete the story faster.

Main reason for me to write about this was... there didn't seems like much romance for your childhood friend and the heroine?! (aka my complaint post! ) And here I was waiting for the childhood friend to turn out like the app icon (Blondie) but Shunsuke didn't turn out like that at all. lol Because he's a completely different character! Much like a ikemen spirit to guide Shunsuke to the road of Ikemen. The title should probably be Ikemen sensei ni Oshiete or somesort. lol Overall the story wasn't satisfying... It need more dramas like the Doki Doki Panyasan (My post here) for all those potential love triangles!

Spoiler alert

Looks like our heroine in this app isn't overly competitive (In fact, very selfish -self acknowledged but - with all her demands to Shunsuke), plus Shunsuke is too precious - from changing his hairstyle, to clothing, to wearing contacts!!! Nothing was mentioned about the heroine's appearance, but one would assume she has to be something to make Kurosu Hayato, whose the Ace of basketball team and top 50 ranking in the National Exam fell in love with her. Although he claim to have been fooling around because he's the prince of the school, but he seems to have his eyes on her. Makes me wonder why she would still want to turn her childhood friend into an ikemen in the first place with such an person beside her already. ... Oh I forgot, he was Oresama and she was too dense.

The other one of their classmate Ichijou Reika, whose also good at study and sports and not to mention a beauty, is questionable too. She seems to have notice Shunsuke right after he changed to contacts. Proves that she doesn't quite judge someone by their appearance? I think they should have thrown in an extension why she was interested in him, like if he helped her out with something minor, that or she actually have an evil scheme to steal the prince away and her personality would have been much different.

Subsequently to the date, the heroine was bullied because she broke up with Haytao. But Hayato still stood up for her after being told by Reika that heroine was in trouble. Both of them sounds like really good people...! And I hope they end up with one another... XD (But that'll probably explain why they helped her out lol) And for Shunsuke, good for him that he gets to be who he is and be with the girl he love so much. But still I don't think heroine have learnt her lesson. I guess if she read another manga she'll probably wish to fall in love like that too. lol

Spoiler ends

I wouldn't give a great on its story given the lack of explanations, further I felt that there wasn't much of a need to mention the manga title Ore no Hatuskoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu (Not sure if they're trying to leech some fans from it or if the company have something to do with the publisher - I'm not overly bothered to do research into this) since they didn't really bring much reference from the manga. =3= I probably had my expectation up since their Ikemen Kabedon collection, which I must say, seems to be better illustrated than this.

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