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Soooo... recently my years of obsession with Keroro Gunsou have been exposed to a friend and hence I inherited and spent my Christmas putting together - Gyouten Gattai! Keroro Base de Arimasu! - a set of 5 figurines from Bandai made in 2007, unopened despite the minor damages to the box due to its old age, plus, it still have the Soda flavour bubblegum in its packaging. lol They're kept in nice condition too (As expected from Japan! I know because that's what it says on the packaging!) but I don't have the courage to eat them after seven years past!

I was surprised to find only one chewing gum in each pack to be honest whilst notice from the first pack (I thought it to be some kind of mysterious glue that sticks figurines together lmao) then I finally read the fine prints. (This person never reads the manual / procedures) I mean if it was a candy toy I would have expected more chewing gum from it! XD

Anyway, just photos spam below the cut of the set that I spent some 6 hours (Some breaks and photoshoot included lol) putting together to become a 24mm Tall Keroro poseable Figurine (Limited poses however)!
What each packaging looks like before putting them together!

I must admit, without the whole set they're fairly useless and not display friendly! XD I'm glad I have the whole set to display it as the 24cm tall Keroro! I did them part by part and I felt more excited when I see the green body of Keroro at last when I was doing Tamama and Dororo. Though saying that they're both the most useless ones without the rest of the set. Keroro and Giroro's set were the only two that came with extra bit for finishing touch after putting together the complete set.

I like the setting to Giroro's set which includes the tent which is normally located outside the Hinata's resident. The only down side was that because it was made to be part of the figurine, hence it had a little joint at the bottom that I couldn't use it for stand alone display. orz If it wasn't obvious enough, my favourite character is actually Giroro!

It was interesting to see some stickers are given as extras as to where you want to put them. Apart from that the instruction become more and more vague as I got to Dororo. It was basically just pictures without words to accompany it.

I think his one was the only one that I gave up on putting together. orz I believe I could have put the wrong part together, but nevertheless it looked ok when I put them all together!

Skipping individual shots (Pretty much shown on the packaging anyyway) and onto putting them together! The mini Keroro in front of it makes the bigger Keroro looks like the Giant Robots they use in the Anime! XD

All the left overs that couldn't be put inside it after everything is attached together. I was actually amazed with how well they engineered it to fit most of the parts into the Giant Keroro without making it looks like it's base by various parts!

You could tell I had alot of fun posing Keroro! XD

Residuals to be binned after hours worth of fun! Talk about packaging!

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