[Anime] Catching up on some recent releases

Watched some anime!

I spent yesterday catching up some of the anime that is worth mentioning!

Starry Sky
Panty & Stocking with Garterbel

Spoiler Alert!
Starry Sky

The long waited anime!!! <333

Tsukiko! You're such a sinner from when you're a kid! XD Being able to study at this school where you're the only girl, and on top of that, you made Yoh come to Japan especially for you!

The first episode is almost the same as the manga! Except more explanation perhaps? It's kinda like an animation of the manga. =3=;

The words from each character at the ED makes me think about the next few episodes already!!! XD I can't wait for the rest of the others to show up.


Its an new anime that I got addicted to after watching the first volume of the manga! The brothers are so cute! XD And mind you, the manga won Kodansha Manga Award 2010!

This story reminds me of Hotaru no Hikari, perhaps because of the characters's age.

It's a shame that the anime would end in its 11th episode (Not even 13 episodes?), and I doubt we would see much Shuu nii and Tsukimi. The first part of the anime was more focus on Shuu nii and Tsukimi. Then it slowly focus on Kuranosuke (Kurako) and Tsukimi, which I think makes sense since he's the only one that could see the real Tsukimi with or without makeup.

I hope Shuu nii doesn't end up with the Shouko lady because I could see where its heading at the moment. >A< I would so scream if that happens!

So it ended! Unexpecting it too... perhaps I should have read the novel in advance. It's amazing to see Shichika developing so much emotions, and having unleashed his true potential.

The death of Togame was so long... (I think it was more than 10 minutes?) that I actually thought, I think it's time to go. :P

The change of Shichika's clothing (Basically Togame's clothing but soaked in blood) makes me wonder what happened to Togame's dead body now. ^^;

I was hoping to see Emonzaemon's face. I think he does have a thing for the Hiteihime, and Hiteihime also. Their option was to choose to deny it. Though it kinda tells when Hiteihime said that she's willing to be killed if Emonzaemon is defeated. It's either that she just enjoying it as a game or she trust Emonzaemon with her life. I think it was more evident that she misses Emonzaemon after she follows Shichika on a new adventure. I had a slight though of her wanting to replace Togame with her wearing her hair short. Hiteihime's character seemed to be abit off, perhaps because I didn't picture her to be cute and slightly annoying.

I was kinda hoping that the narrator would say that the word Cheerios was written as part of the history, proving Shichika's done as Togame ordered.

I think to sum up the anime, it's all about Shichika's growth.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbel

Only started watching it from Episode 12, because of all the fanarts I saw of Brief and Panty. XD Gosh, gotta love that pairing. If only the romance scene last longer than just head straight to bed. Orz

The last episode was weird! A real human in anime...? So strange! As expected from the people who did Evangelion. I wonder if Brief will start to have angel weapons too in the next season?


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