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I was surprised to see Marika's illustration again after Byakkotai! Gotta say her characters have some special charm to it for me -it must be the eyes. Felt like it's been a while since I blog about a voiced game, since they takes longer to finish and time to digest before blogging.

Brought to you by Opera House Corporation x Kaga Electronics! As usual, games released under their company is normally of quality. I just haven't gotten around to blog them (I even played Byakkotai whilst in Japan at a friends so I never actually blog it since it wasn't my iPad ) since they always release onto Android before iPhone (Plus they're not normally available on the overseas store so it gets a little too annoying for me). =3= Anyway, the opening song Hajimari no Yakusoku was sung by Nobu (I notice he does alot of characters that I have taken a liking to nowadays ) which voiced the mysterious character Iris - that didn't appear on the free trial! lol
Neat and tidy as usual!

Aria (Name changeable) Austin's parents -Ed and Karen - passes away when she was 10 years old but she remembers her father as the greatest Wizard of all. She currently runs the old bookshop that is left by her parents. With this as her last attempt at the exam to get into the Iris School of Wizardry (aka ISW) to be like her father, there she took home a cat and named her Titi.

An actually readable letter. And the English makes sense too! Now you don't get to see them much in games! XD

Months since the exam when she thought hope was over. A mysterious man went to her bookstore looking for an old magic book with a particular symbol, but because of his attitude with her being a daughter of a wizard and human, she shooed him away by giving the book to him free of charge. Days later, she received an offer letter to attend ISW as a scholarship student into the Class X for the year!?

lol Unfortunately Keith isn't in the group picture, and is replaced by Ashley instead. But Ashley also looks good with the other students. Well they are of the same age.

Clyde = King (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)
Matias = Archibald (CV: Tomohisa Hashizume)
A-Jay = Blackford (CV: Ryousuke Kanemoto)
Cyril = Grundy (CV: Kasuya Yuta)
Keith = Knight (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki)

Supporting Characters
Ashley = Curtis (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)
Lee = Fitzwilliam (CV: Kakehashi Atsushi)
Demetrius = Bishop (CV: Atsushi Miyauchi)
Iris (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
Titi (CV: Akane Umemura)

The gameplay is simple novel style, where you choose between one out of few options. By choose the right answer, you could increase the love meter with the selected route.

Handy tip, if you have skipped so voices by tapping rapidly (because you're a fast reader), you will note the voiced line is actually cut off. But have no fear! Becuase you could actually replay the sentence by holding on the screen. *Press continuously to loop like crazy* lol

Harry Potter much?! XD Not really, I mean, things are not as tough for the heroine in the otome game. I mean she did inherit the house and could really live on for years to come provided the books are all sold. Normally I do take a liking into the Prince like characters (Particularly blondie ), but I sensed abit of yandere (Don't worry, I think it's just me having followed Rejet too much nowadays). Not so much was shown apart from the secret key that was given to Aria in the beginning and well, maybe that bracelet that was given to a designer to make specifically for Aria... maybe because it was the only colour left to pick as a ranger member of the Society hence it has to be a girl. XD But going back to the story, personally I did think that Aria would actually develop a liking to Mati more than the others in the group given she actually took Titi in since then (And of course Mati's jacket lol That's probably why she took Titi in the first place ).

Titi stares into your soul. You sort of hear someone askes if you want to make a contract to become a magical girl. Since Titi is actually voiced by a person, I suspect her to be transformed into a human at some stage. Most probably a legendary one that could transform themselves as a human, or at least a partner of a great wizard that just speak human language.

Keith might be old (Since he's a sensei) but he seems to be on a mission to uncover something bigger that we have yet to find out about?! I mean, he was the first person in the very beginning of the Prologue! That aside, I am suspecting Keith have something about being a perfectionist who seems to be pleased with how well Aria knows the magic symbols and spells. Pretty much it's like he have discovered the perfect wife when Aria return him with the book he wants in the very beginning. XD *gets kick*

Ashley is an interesting support character. And every time I see a neutral ikemen looking character, it's always voiced by Mitsuki (No surprise there)! XD To be honest I was expecting a GL route (Need a few of those from time to time to make things more interesting - well I don't really mind it if the character does look like a guy ) to occur, particularly when Aria was saved from the Clyde's fangirls by Ashley (If not by Keith XD) and the bedroom morning after shower scene. XD But at least Titi! In most cases, if the cat is a hidden route then it is most likely to be a he, and most probably be a mysterious figure. But since the cat is given a female voice already, the chances are not likely. It really makes me curious what Nobu's character is! ARGH. Could he be the Angel of music magic circle?!

Interesting how they decided to keep the school years to only 2. So basically at the end of the game is already end of their magical study life. D: I was expecting to be at least 3 years max. Why OperaHouse stories are always short?! Although I must say they did well this time with the free fully voiced prologue and chapter 1 release (Unlike their Byakkotai one over two years ago! XD You could tell I have grudge). I must admit I was surprised to see the yen symbol when it says 6 yen (1 chapter) or 24 yen (All chapters). lol I wish! It's actually $24 for the complete stories/routes (Priced as usual). =w= Although, I am quite sad their twitter events doesn't apply to oversea (DAMMIT and I'm playing it within the round 1 cut off period too ;A;).

So for those living in Japan! Twit before it's too late! *Sigh*

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