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Brought to you by Moregames Co. Ltd! One must say it was a poor choice of the short form of title because of the mix up with Utapri x Uniqlo (PRIQLO) clothing collection when written in Japanese. Whilst it's used frequently in the game, but I think searching by p-Closet would show a better unique listing.

Apparently the title comes into play as a big fashion brand Princess Closet. Ironically, if you search it online you will find a clothing organisation for girl dresses or even a company for dog clothing with the same title. lol I figured I'll leave the links out given they're not entirely relevant. Though I'm fairly certain that the game actually doesn't have any relations to both companies. (Can't help but laugh when the thought of if the Heroine becomes a dog instead XD)

You entered into a well establish big company whilst headed into the working world. Although you don't dislike it much, the boring daily routine works makes you question if it was what you wanted at all. On one of your day off, the salon that you normally go to was closed. And while you starting sobbing over it, a budding fashion designer Reo invites you to become one of the fashion model of the popular fashion brand "Princess Closet"...

I'm rather pleasantly surprised that the characters will have voices! Yep, you heard me right! Seiyuus will be used but I only know of Oosaka Ryouta (Voiced Maou from Hataraku Maou Sama!) from the list. Although character voices are not applicable for the app (Except for the Tsubuyaki sample), however per the Girl's Style Magazine Style of the Prince interview that they will be as follows:

Kamiyoshi Reo (CV: Furukawa Makoto)
Tachibana Shuu (CV: Takauchi Ryouta)
Ayasaki Kai (CV: OOsaka Ryouta)
Shinonome Akito (CV: Masuda Toshiki)

* Complete the 9 newbie activities to earn free items!
* Log in and play story daily (One chapter recover every 24 hours since you last used, note if you used item ticket this does not impact the 24 hours count).
* Model battle with rivals with your proud avatar coordinate (5 Times for full health) to earn Jewel and Gacha points (Normally 10 at a time). Get friends to support you in battles for higher chance of winning!
* Play Gacha for better chances to win Model battles. Up to 200 obtainable avatar items without having to pay (Comes with alot of time and effort though XD).
* Date! To increase the love meter (2 Times for full health) .
* Invite friends! As usual, make use of the Friend code for extra items! I note it says that it's only applicable on Web browser version, but somehow it doesn't work on mine. orz But I highly recommend you to try to get and do the Friend code, because it does comes with extra items to fast pace the waiting periods.

One must say, Reo has to be the main route! I mean he was the one that dragged you into this mess! But to be honest, for a brand to be popular but without a model, that's just not possible! That aside, just when I thought the shop is just full of male employees, how did they go about designing popular female clothing!? I actually wonder if Shuu's sister Sumire actually was the model previously.

Anyway, I started of with Reo's route like many others... and I must say Reo is really pushy (Well they did have friendly fine print of the route) from photoshoot to CM within a day and he does say alot of sweet embarrassing things within the first few days he met you. ///A/// Basically it was love at first sight (although I sensed the vibe that he was just desperate to prove the others were wrong that he pick a wild heroine that appeared on the street). But luckily, gradually he reveals to now found his ideal princess or his missing half.

To be honest I can't imagine how all the other routes would go given that Reo's the one that took you to Princess Closet (and his forceful nature), so he would have an interest already. While Kai there seems to be chances due to his playful nature, Shuu thinks he owns you under the company contract (And lol You didn't even sign anything on the first day!) and Akito whose half forces into this mess eventhough he really just specialise in landscape photography but ended up shooting people?

The BGM at the moment is weird, there's no music during the game play (Apart from the video they showed after they ask if you want to have sound or not) and all of a sudden music while you're out of the story... orz So I've decided to turn it off. That aside, I must say I really like the fact that CGs are unlockable and can be revisit!

Anyway I'm starting a second account for Akito's route...

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Re: Reo's birthday project

Thanks for the invite Amaya! It's great to see that someone is doing something amazing for the celebration of a character's birthday! I do see quite a lot of great feedback on the game after the English version being releases, so I think it's a great way to show appreciation of the games that Ciagram releases. XD

I'll try to get something posted on Twitter by the deadline! v-352 Have a Happy Easter!

Reo's birthday project

Hi Nabari! There's a birthday project for Reo on Twitter and a Japanese friend of mine is collecting messages to be compiled and sent to Ciagram :) They have done similar celebrations in the past but this will be the first time overseas fans of Princess Closet would be joining in.
I've written about the Reo's b'day project here
https://aheadofthenight.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/princess-closet-reo-kamiyoshi-2017-birthday-project/ but if you don't have Twitter, feel free to leave a comment on the above link!

Thank you for your time!♡

Re: Trinity

Hi! Unfortunately I have changed my phone to Android few months ago... so I couldn't access the old save file on my iPhone. I had a quick look at the app store again but on Android.

If you're playing the English translated version of the game, they have yet to release other routes apart from Reo's route. Otherwise, Ciagram have been releasing alot of other otome games in their visual novel gameplay where you could select change between the characters between the short chapters without having to play the dress up and mission games. They're in Japanese language, and I have changed over for a few of my games since I find myself saving more time.

Hope that helps!


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