[iPhone] Cupmen Timer Shitsuji To Tokei

Learn to count to 300!

Brought to you by Soft Library Co., a butler that specialise in helping you count the number of seconds elapsed while waiting time for a cupmen to be ready to eat!

As with its precedent Shoujo to Tokei which is intended for guys, this one merely replaces the girl with a butler illustrated by REI and of course, a male seiyuu Koji Egashira for the girls (You'll note in the Seiyuu's comment that he refers you as Ojousama). Interestingly, the Shoujo to Tokei one didn't have the seiyuu comment... on a side note, I think it would have been a matching app if the Shoujo one was actually Maid to Tokei instead. That or this should have been called Shounen to Tokei.
... What unusual time? I thought the recommended time only ranges from 3mins to 5 mins max? XD

* Counting
* Counting with sentences in between (aka numbers skipped)
* Counting with more sentences in between (aka more numbers skipped)

The Shoujo to Tokei extended version is replaced with slowed counting instead. Please note that the extended version and up to 5 minutes requires payment.

The strangest thought comes to mind... why would a butler let you eat cupmen (Bearing in mind that you could afford to have a butler but not enough to eat proper food)!? Well, they do warn you not to eat too much cupmen in between because it's unhealthy. lol On top of that, they do tell you the number of times you have used the app.

I actually find it slightly annoyed with the counting at fast pace. lol Totally different from the Hitsuji de Oyasumi drama CDs. They do speak at the beginning of the count, warning you that this is gonna be long. XD That aside you'll hear the secrets thoughts of the Butler when he starts talking in between the counting. His facial expression changes too (Except for the body language and his determination to hold the clock up forever)! I actually want him to continue to count the seconds than to skip it with the sentences measured in seconds. lol Who in the right mind knows how many seconds he speaks...

I see an alternative use for this app instead of counting for cupmen (Since I'm the person that would go by the feel and not by the clock ), but actually leaning how to count in Japanese. If only they count slower.

Looks like the Butler is happy to have finish counting too.

The seiyuu comments was interesting, since I don't often hear the freetalk (like on drama CDs at the end of the CDs) on apps since all voices counts! I do support his attempt on doing a Tsudere to Tokei. Although his attempted girl version sounds more like a Shouta! XD Regardless, I do look forward to other Cupmen timer to come!


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