[iPhone] Unmei no Horoscope 12 Seiza Uranau de Kijo no Mirai

Fortune telling with Horoscope x Flower!

CyberQuest (Catsapp) is really topping my harvesting app list. XD

Since my last post on Kare wa Kyuuketsuki (My post here), I did play all their other app releases but only few extra ones recently caught my eyes to share again (And have to wait until I finish getting all the CGs).
From left to right: Ginga, Hokuto and Sirius

Heroine is a colleague student who works at the florist in front of the station. Her Aunt just opened a new Fortune Telling business next door and in order to do the special fortune reading, she require flower bouquets. Recently she hired 3 new ikemen workers named Hokuto, Ginga and Sirius and today too heroine goes to deliver the flower bouquets...

Hokuto: Cancer / Scorpio / Virgo / Leo (End)
Ginga: Aquarius / Libra / Capricorn / Gemini (End)
Sirius: Pisces / Aries / Taurus / Sagittarius (End)

Starting from the Horoscope Cancerian featuring Hokuto then alternate between the boys to the ending and then start over.

Slide to collect flower bouquets from florist then go back to the fortune telling room and give the flowers to the ikemen to earn experience points!

Each flower bouquet is worth 2 points (Double after first completion). Again my complaint is really why can't they just make the exp point number look smaller instead of doubling them!? Makes it seems a endless process. orz

As usual, the last stage allows the player to choose the ending. Upon finishing the 3 endings, the true ending will be unlocked.

New features include holding instead of tapping to give flower bouquets continuously (Provided you have enough stock). LIKE FINALLY!? They probably realised the redundant tapping causes people to not continue with the game!

Bonus system
Bonus stage could be entered by sharing on various social platforms like line, facebook or twitted to earn 10 seconds of harvest fever! This accelerate the process of collecting extra experience points.

Utapri much?! I really can't unsee the shadow of Natsuki on Sirius...! Let alone the vague shadows of Otoya and Masato... must be the outfit. That aside, I did enjoy the little variation between each Horoscope (level) change. Maybe just slightly disappointed that they don't do all the Horoscope costume for all of the three characters.

Depending on the character route you choose, the heroine's image actually changes (Well only in Hokuto and Sirius's route)! XD Ginga's one doesn't even have the heroine! lol And it looks like the Utapri vibe thickens. The true end... *Spoiler alearts* is the best of otome game - Harem!!! I was thinking what could they do for a true end, but so not expecting a harem end!

Last but not least unless I am reminded... what ever happened to the fortune telling aspect of the game?! XD Looks like the beloved heroine's aunt was largely ignored because of the ikemen guys. I must admit I was expecting to be opening it daily to find my fortune or at least learn about how this special fortune telling works! orz

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