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Shinsengumi to Kanaderu Himitsu no Koi

Gonna skip the Dragon Lovers (Dragon Kareshi Darling) unfortunately, because the art style were less attractive for me (despite the magical creature aspect that I do appreciate and the fact that I did finish all the routes. Gotta say I enjoy the ultimate ending! ) but here's a short snapshot: One day you woke up from your dream to find on your knees a small lizard... that turns out to be the strongest life form - a dragon - but only palm sized! I find it funny that Dragon's food is obviously... dragon fruits (Pitaya). lol

Just clearing some of the backlog that I have for CyberQuest (Catsapp)'s harvesting apps!

Back to Shinsengumi!
Left to right Okita, Hijikata, Saito. For some odd reasons, I felt that Saito's vibe feels more like Okita to me. Okita just looks like a shouta in this app. orz My love for Okita in Shinsengumi actually died off in this one because of it. Not to mention Hijikata actually looks more like Saito to me.

After the Ikedaya Incident, the Shinsengumi found a girl who seems to have been working there. However she lost her voice because she was too scared. After some thoughts, Hijikata decided that they have no choice but to take the girl in and hence she starting living with the Shinsengumi...

Our cute and naive (?) heroine!

The tiny details they make to each stage with the person you meet!

Go out and slide to meet the shinsengumi members then go back to the room to hold onto the member icon to view the love event! Starting from the Hijikata then alternate between Saito and Okita to the ending and then start over. Each meet is worth 2 points. And to my surprise, this time the dango eating is worth 100 points and it does double after the first completion too!

Once the experience points reach the max, the costume/outfit changes and you progress with the story. Upon 3 times completion, As usual, the last stage allows the player to choose the ending. Upon finishing the 3 endings, the true ending with the heroine's secret will be revealed! To be honest, I think the ultimate ending should have been in the prologue!

Bonus system
Bonus stage could be entered by sharing on various social platforms like line, facebook or twitted to earn 10 seconds of meeting fever! This accelerate the process of collecting extra experience points.

Must say it's super cute! Particularly the heroine! XD (For once?!) It's pretty much Hakuouki! Sorry but my mind is really dominated by it when I hear love simulation story based on Shinsengumi - so classic! - back when only fewer otome games existed.

I like this one in particular due to the minor differences made to the heroine! It was as if her appearance changes slightly depending on the accessories or clothing that is given by the Shinsengumi member! XD Further, I also like the fact that there's more animated avatars and they relate to the specific character "story" that you're on! Plus the love rivalry scenarios!

The animated chibi! To be honest, I think this guy in blue hair looked more like a Hijikata to me!

Unlike its precedent Unmei no Horoscope 12 Seiza with different routes, the true end wasn't harem end... (Could tell I was disappointed?) Nevertheless, I do enjoy all the animated chibis in this app! I wouldn't mind a seal (sticker) set of them!

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