[iPhone] Kabedon Kareshi Do S Joushi to Shucchou hen

Kabe Kare!

lol Can't believe there's still Kabedon apps coming out!!!

Brought to you by Caerux.co.ltd, who did the Koisuru Shikigami First Kiss (It's in my backlog since it's voiced too... but I'm just waiting for the other two routes to be released too before I start writing) and their new titles are looking more and more promising! It's beautifully illustrated by Tenryo Sena, and I must say I'm not a big fan on 3D ikemens...

On to the first Kabedon app for the year!

Gosh, haven't seen one of these in a while for voiced apps. There's actually a prologue picture for each scenario to set the background too. XD But really, the prologue is just as follow:

You went on a business trip with the boss that you admire... After being sexually harrased by a customer at the reception area, it has gotten too much so you returned to the Hotel that you are staying at. While you don't know what to do on the elevator with him who somehow seems to become moody for "some reasons", he suddenly pull you by the arm...!?

It was mentioned it's their first release! Could I take it as an implication there's more to come...?!

Actually scrap that, their twitter update have second release with a sketch and character voice in line ready for update this month (Although saying that it's almost end of month too).

I'm seeing more and more Voice acting schools supplying their seiyuus in training as app character voices! This one is supplied by Tokyo school of Anime (Wish one could see what's it like on orientation days! XD). Again, loose translation of the seiyuu names.

1. Shinozaki Kazuma (CV: Kohei Yumoto) - Kabedon
2. Tsukimiya Yuki (CV: Rinryou) - Yukadon

Volume 1 consist of 3 voice pack, Shitto Kabedon (Jealousy! Writing that in Romaji makes me realised how bad it looks without putting the translation next to it and the fact that it was Free which kind of lead to someone to think it means... ), Yoi Kabedon (Drunken) and Honne Porori Kabedon (Spilling the Truth). One random thought that I would like to point out is that, if the Kabedon is done in the elevator... that's not really a Kabedon but a Elevator-Don right!? XD

It's a situation drama, so much like the Sugar Rain's Situation Kareshi series... Although, this one requires you to be connected to the internet at all times even when you have purchased the voice packs. orz Not sure if that's a safety measure so that people can't share the voice files. :/ And the other thing for this app is that it's harder to navigate to the next situation - took me a while to figure it out. My thoughts are the same as the others that reviewed the app. I too think because of that, the loading time actually takes longer than other voiced apps. I tried and it seems to load faster on Wi-Fi, probably because the voices are released at 320kbp (Only read it on someone's review)! One good thing out of all these was that the voices is reviewed in order and not by random! *Starts to remember the days where you tried to get all the voiced sentences and then reply them all in order in the full listing*

Unfortunately, I can't share too much of the screen captures since there isn't alot of illustrations. orz It's worthwhile doing the Twitter special (Official Twitter) to obtain the next morning's Happy Embarrassing Kabedon! This seems like a standard strategy now that I look back on to the older situation dramas with a added track for twits!

Although I think the next one will be release as a separate app (Given the current app title). =w= I do look forward to various scenario with various don in it!

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