[iPhone] Koisuru Spirtual Girl Umei wo Kaeta Shoujodeki Chuuraishi

Fortune Tell for Ikemen!

Interesting find! Brought to you by Digital Identity (Released as Yuki Yamamoto)! I think there is a houchi app template (And the most recent one too where you don't have to tap continuously at all!) for these games hence a similar app are gradually emerging!

This brings resemblance to the Unmei no Horoscope 12 Seiza that CyberQuest (Catsapp), though saying that this features the heroine as the main subject! Or could this be the aunt in the other game?! XD
I think I see two characters from Utapri and one from Death note...

Since the heroine was bullied by a strange man some years ago, she developed a phobia with men where she couldn't talk or look at them in the eyes and to the extreme of not being able to say anything in front of the guy she have interests in due to nervousness. While seeing couples on the street, restaurant, and on train, the thought of wanting to fall in love to come to mind. But since an car accident, she obtained a special power to see people's aura. Using this as an opportunity, she started fortune telling for ikemen who have various worries while trying to overcome her phobia for men...


Meet guys from various situations, from the street, cafe, restaurants, shrine and fortune telling shop!


Slide to approach the ikemen for fortune telling to earn experience points and evolve the spiritual girl into something else! Upgrade to her title and clothing! Each fortune telling is worth 2 points (Double after first completion). The texting (looks like twitter really) is worth 30 points and is recovered hourly to a max of 3 lots.

As usual, the last stage allows the player to choose the ending. Upon finishing the 3 endings, the true ending will be unlocked.

Bonus system
Bonus stage could be entered by sharing on various social platforms like line, facebook or twitted to earn 10 seconds of fortune telling fever! This accelerate the process of collecting extra experience points.

I must admit that the heroine is quite proactive in trying to cure her phobia. Really makes me wonder if she actually have phobia for males. xD The measure she goes through with each occupations with the outfits and hair cracks me up abit. Not to mentioned the maid outfit already lead me to think the customer would be an otaku (Although they only appeared for that one stage plus one ending and the fact that they're not drawn on the cover lol), it all just seems normal to think that way. Taking about the cover, somehow the heroine's outfit is that of the third form and not her final form?! Though I can't help but feels like I'm playing RPG as soon as I gotten to the Black mage and White mage stage. XD

To be honest, the three ending that leads up to the true ending seems all bad end to me. I did like the fact that all the ikemen made appearances in those endings, and surprisingly no presence of the L look alike guy at all! (I know it's not him in the true end given the scenario.) I mean the Stalker (That's what they call him ) Otaku did lead up to the end although not being in the CG! The other thing to note, it seems that they favour the Kimono guy... since he appeared in two end!

Anyway, lesson well learnt, all it takes was just a little courage (I actually think she probably already build enough courage after the first stage of fortune telling)!

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