[iPhone] Toyosuisan Maruchan Nama Ramen Voice Recipe

Oishi Ramen wa Ue ni Aru

Brought to you by Toyo Suisan Kaisha Ltd (Released under Funaco System), serving you the recipe for Maruchan Nama Ramen series in the form of popular male seiyuu drama!

It's funny that I remember seeing a Ramen shop called ikeMen whilst in Japan...! It's seems like it's always the play on words that is associated with Ramen to capture the attention of young females. XD

Although the three Higashimizu brothers have different pace of career, lifestyle and personality, one thing they all have in common which was Maruchan Nama Ramen is their favourite food.

Your role varies in each chosen character scenario, for Shougo it's the Boss and subordinate relationship, for Kaname it's the editor and Mangaka relationship, and for Hikaru it's the athlete club member and manager relationship. They will introduce to you the delicious ramen with sweet and heart throbbing voices.

lol at the surname, it's the kanji combination of the company name Toyo Suisan... XD

Higashimizu brothers (Oldest to youngest)
Shougo (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
Kaname (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)
Hikaru (CV: Ono Daisuke)

Gameplay Instructions
They recommend that you must use Maruchan Nama Ramen because they also have a special QUO card campaign, where you have to buy their ramen series for campaign code which you have to redeem by midnight of 31/01/2015 for the voiced recipe. And should note that the campaign started since November last year and have been retweeted over 4000 times!

There are two recipe for each character. Select recipe to view ingredient and instructions. To replay the voice recipe (scenario), you need the recipe code that is printed on the specific item packaging. Otherwise, you would just make it as it is (Trust me, you'll probably be distracted by the drama scenario than the actual cooking process ). There is also a bonus prologue in text version of the novel style!

Otherwise, you could also send two barcodes on the postcard provided on their website for the special voiced drama about the early days of the brothers (Although limited to 1,000 copies) which ends 31/03/2015!

Not sure if it's just the iPhone version going funny, but I can't seems to access the voices on it. Regardless, one could listen to the voices on the website without being on the phone app (since that's where the iPhone version linked me to when I press on the button anyway). It's probably more handy to have in the kitchen that was all.

I must say I'm so used to Sugita's voice in Gintama that when I was listening to Shougo's scenario it felt like a breeze and I don't feel much out of it. XD On to Kaname, he sounded much like a house wife who I must add, only makes ramen. lol Because he keeps trying to cook ramen for you while you're working or napping. With Hikaru, he actually makes the food does sounds taste good. lol Somehow I think the seiyuu for Kaname and Hikaru should change. lol Their roles in Brothers Conflict as Yuusuke and Subaru is strong and the thought of their personality is reversed here is strange. But it's probably just me.

The idea (Cooking with Ikemen) actually reminds me of Ishhoni Gohan Apartment Dinner Show, all except the brothers actually don't interfere with one another's stories in this one. Suppose the only interacting drama with the Higashimizu brothers would be the special drama CD about their childhood... though that means no heroine...? I highly doubt the chances of having more sequel (unless they have more flavoured ramen), ot

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