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Glad I signed up for Otome Yokaku Zokuhou for Visualworks Co. Ltd. releases! Freshly released today on ios (Android had it heaps early =3=) plus serial code for 10 in game coins that allows you to fast track the wait time for Talk recovery!

Just hyped with the beautiful illustrations (And dammit they didn't credit the artist orz ) , which was one of the main reason why I decided to click into the advertising link (I normally avoid them at all costs), and then sign up for Zokuhou! I was suppose to post Prison Prince Migete, kakurete, Koi wo shite as part of my backlog but I think the in game character graphics degraded compared to the cover illusts so the hype died...!

Shirogane Hokuto is a Shinigami that eats the soul of female that he take interests in. One day he bumped into the heroine at the corridor and was confessed to by her on the roof top. Since then he continues to play the role of the boyfriend while waiting for her to take the bait...

Shirogane Hokuto (CV: Saitou Souma)

Known in Haikyuu!! and Yowamushi Pedal, which I watch neither... orz I believe if this goes well they would probably add in additional characters...! Since... it's not Visualworks' style to do one style app for one character!

I miss the simple animated blinking characters - Voltage spoils us too much.

Simply tap to talk to the character to increase the love meter, once it reach a certain point it will unlock a short voice drama. The points goes by 0.5 point per talk or 2 point if you get the correct answer to a question. The coins (You could earn or pay for them, but personally I'm good with waiting aka leave alone and come back) allows you to purchase Talk (i.e. saves you from 30 minutes wait) or you could double the score for an hour using the item, though you should be warned if you answer the questions incorrectly your negative points is doubled too. It takes 30 minutes to recover each talk, with a maximum of 5 talk (i.e. you should open the app every 2.5 hours XD).

Main Scenario
* Prologue
* Chapter 1 Shinigami
* Chapter 2 Kimi wa Koibito
* Chapter 3 Tamashi no Yukue
* Final Chapter Eien no Keiyaku

Limited Time only event Scenario
* Dec - Shinigami to Christmas!?
* Jan - Sono te wo Tsunaide
* Feb - Death Chocolate

Highly recommended to set (Can be done upon tapping on the heart meter or in the album) the points to go to limited time only event scenario, unless you have already finished them. That said, one could read the scenarios without following the order of the story! (Or have two accounts which means you could reduce the wait time! ) Further, ensure that you have claim the serial code for the extra 10 coins (Please note that each code could only be redeemed once)!

One thing I didn't like was the Back button is so close to the item button that I kept going back and forth (It's probably just me and my old phone playing tricks on me with its slowness). And probably because I'm going through the main story at the moment (since I missed the January event because they just released it on iOS yesterday) and so early in the stage, but I find Hokuto is secretly a yandere...? His voiced tracks sounds so emo while when he's dating with you it was as if he's a different person...?

I find the lack of character profile didn't help me answer random questions like when's the (Strawberry) Shortcake Day and the hint was look at the calendar... the answer is 22nd of every month by the way. I'm probably too used to the profile telling me what the character like or hate and the type of personality they have. At least one good thing to know is that the game could be continued for free with CGs, on top of that, it's full voiced!!!

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