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ARGH... I thought it was automatically backed up without pressing the save button for the draft. Guess I was wrong... Nevertheless, it's the perfect time to write it again with a fresh mind and fresh update with the addition of the series Futari Kinenbi by Asgard x system utilised in Situation Kareshi from Sugarapps !
lol I cap this title in between... Personally I think it looks less plan with the characters as watermark...

I've decided to just use the seiyuu name as they appeared on the app... mostly because of the reason why the seiyuu decided to go under that name in the first place anyway (For any 18+ titles).
Reversible Kareshi
Miyuba Takeru (CV: Domon Atsushi)
Hamasaki Nao (CV: Kashiwagi Homare)
Kinenbi Kareshi
Takaya Hajime (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

The gameplay is simple. Just tap on specific area of the screen or shake the mobile to hear the voice messages
recorded by dummyhead. It was interesting to see the specific taps for various voices, haven't seen these since Bedtime Sweetheart Shall We Sleep by Koyonplete. lol This one is easier though, since they give you a picture of what the areas to tap. Simply tap on the exclamation mark to see the Voice area.

Each character have the voice area at a slightly different area. So be sure to check them individually. lol The colour actually reminds me of Twister...

In the setting before heading into the voices, you could select Japanese subtitle on or simply leave it off which is the default. This needs to be done separately for each release! Not sure if they will change the subtitle to English anytime soon given Sugarapps's involvement with the app now and looking at Situation Kareshi as a sample, the chances are likely.

Tips for extra voices
* Tweet to get extra voice for Takeru.
* Write a review for extra voice for Takeru.
* Tweet to get extra voice for Nao.
* Install Situation Kareshi by Sugarapps for extra voice for Nao.
* Write a review for extra voice for Hajime.

These voice apps have become more like a teaser or like electronic copies of the Drama CDs. All except it's now portable, and with additional still image. Personally I still like the Soine Kareshi series the best... I'm probably more into the drawing style of Kinenbi one (Probably not a big fan on minimal colours)... it actually reminds me of Yoshida Yuki's style. But... can't say no to voiced apps!

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