[PC] Akazukin To Maiyoi no Mori

Found an Otome Game: [PC] Akazukin To Maiyoi no Mori

I realised it's time to update myself with the Gamings! XD Been abit lazy because of the holiday.

Went down to Melbourne for the Disney exhibition Dreams come True at ACMI. It was amazing! Seeing the traditionally making of the animations from the past compared to the present digitally illustrated animations is so heart moving! They have true skills and talents! I was so glad about how the characters came about. Like how Little Mermaid was originally designed to be blonde, and luckily she was red haired. XD It was surprising to see a lady visitor there knowing the words by the characters too. ^^; (Must be a big fan) It kinda change the way I think about the traditional animations, and I think I'll be watching them with more admiration - not for the quality, but for their skills.

Enough about Melbourne, let's head on to the game! XD The game kinda caught my eyes because it's based on a fairytale and fairytale never fails anywhere! XD
WOOT! For the first time EVER, I actually attached some pictures related to the game! XD Gotta love Japan sites and their support links!

Tiana (Main character) run away from home and into the Lost Forest in the hope of being eaten by wolf. Refused by the wolf who claim that she wasn't mature enough, now living under with the wolf until the day she gets eaten.

* It's a 18+ Otome Game! Don't ask me why, I don't even know why I came across something like this! LOL

* Tiana is fully voiced! It's like the first otome game that I've seen have voice for the main female character. Perhaps for other reasons *nudge nudge*...? =.=; Regardless, it could be switched off for those who dislike main character with a voice.

* Additional to the original characters compare to the original fairytale, we have the mountain cat, fox, rabbit and nightmare! Gosh! Gotta love the simplicity of the names... lol

* If you have a Feline obsession (Like me! XD), you should play this game! If not, I'd refer you to Otomate's Mouju Tsukai to Oujisama which have a sequel called the Snow Bride (Due to be released February 2011) whose main character, interestingly, have the same name! Is Tiana some name meaning main character or female lead or something in japanese that I don't know off? XD

Characters (with my bias comments lol):

Our Main character Red Riding hood Tiana (She looks mature to me already! lol)

The traditional main character Ookami (Too pervy for my liking lol)

The new character Yamaneko (Looks like a host... ^^; Despite knowing he's the owner of Restaurant Solitude)

The character that caught my eyes Kitsune (He's refered to as The "Men of men" by Ookami, plus he's younger too! XD Is it just me or does Kitsune looks like Ren from Ore ga Omae wo Mamoru? Regardless, I suppose it's very hard to create a unique character nowdays. )

Another traditional character Hunter (The character that I would not go after... orz)

For more information go to the Official site! It's still in the process of being updated! :D The character voices should be on soon~

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