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Sleepytime Visual Kei Musicians!

They finally got other sources of voices (Musicians) onto Binaural recording (lol It's actually my first time seeing this proper term since I think most drama CD lovers would have known it as Dummy head microphones!)...

Brought to you by Fake Star Inc x various visual kei musicians - unlike anything you see on live stage, a forbidden story with the musician that is fully voiced!
They didn't have a proper cover so I just used the character profile covers. lol They look like brothers or the same person when placed side by side... That head tilting and the position of the shoulder...

Each character have their own stand alone story/scenario. Sad to say I actually have no idea who they are before heading to their site...

Since their scenario is already translated in English, so I won't be typing them up.
Aoi (Aoi-168-)
Yuuki (Vocal of Lycaon)

Voice Function - Tab to play voices for each scenario!
Alarm Function - Set your favourite lines for a specific time!

I love how the voiced lines appears in order and not by chance. Plus the alarm function is another plus to the app! Despite having more stills (Approx 3 different ones with different scene) available, I did find it annoying when it flickers back to the default still. Probably better if they choose to leave it in the same location until when you press for the next line.

If you did the Otome Yoyaku, you'll get the addtional Himei (Scream) voice pack for Aoi! And here I thought the black bug that causes you to scream was suppose to be a cockroach, turns out it's just a spider. =3= Apparently Aoi worked together to write the story! On a side note, Aoi doesn't look like a Visual Kei character at all... though it is actually based on what he actually looks like even to the point of the clothing accessories. I must say I enjoy Aoi's side more than Yuuki's side. Aoi actually sound like the other seiyuus from Voice Supplement? Suppose it could be just be because of the generic lines they use for all the situations. That said, you will notice some odd pauses though.

From first glance, Yuuki... looks like a pink hair Gakupo! And it IS how he looks in real life too! In terms of the voice I notice alot of breathing... that I'm not very fond of lol. His scenario and combined with his voice made me think he's a Yandere who purposely drop his phone so he could get close to you AND THEN...! I'm somewhat reminded of Kanato from Diabolik Lovers. This man treasures his phone too much - to think why he even loses something that he treasure so much in the first place and calling it fate when you picked it up and return it to him. One can't help but think the heroine would also be working in the music industry to pick up Yuuki's phone. Probably another reason why Aoi moved into the building too. On a side note, it's Yuuki's birthday in a few days, though I doubt any special events for the app!

I must say I was quite impressed with the number of options for the voiced alarms! That's alot more voiced lines compared to your regular free options! I shall Look out for next artists in their second release!

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Re: Qozza

Otome Yoyaku (http://otomeyoyaku.jp/) is a website that does reservations for Otome Game apps. It helps companies to know how many people are interested in their app and as a reward for making a reservation (Showing interest by signing up) they give you some freebie rewards that is exclusive.

Unfortunately, OY's reservation codes are unique for each claims so it cannot be redeem more than once. They're limited as reservations could be all taken up in a day or two (I was sad when iOS was all reserved by left with Android for one app before orz) and there are deadlines for reservations and redeeming.

I do recommend signing up for the mailing list for OY to not miss out any new Otome apps.

Aoi scream voice pack

hello~ can you tell me what is Otome Yoyaku and how/where I can get the code to unlock Aoi scream voice pack?
I've try to search it on google but it shows japanese text which I dont understand~ (T_T)
I'm not Aoi's fan, but I loooooove his voice on this app, I want to unlock his scream pack (T_T)


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