[iPhone] Ai Kare! Kimi dake no Idol


Couldn't help myself when I saw the KUMA on the cover! Not to be mistaken as the BL game with the same abbreviation Ai Kare Ore no Kare wa Idol Sama since they're everywhere when I tried to google it. XD

Released by ACT-FOR Inc, I actually come across it through another yoyaku site called Yoyaku Top 10, but the reward system isn't as easy as it looks compared to the Otome Yoyaku which gives you the code to redeem instead of obtaining the reward through the website. Since the iPhone version of the site is still under development, I guess I have no choice but to play without reward. =3=

YOU! Yes you! Your outfit looks awfully familiar! Like that of Utapri!

As days gone by, girls seems to be into idols than dolls. Hence a doll wish upon a star that he could become an idol that will give happiness to girls. Thus you have to lend your power to help him to the road of becoming an idol.

It always makes one wonder why mouse is the most likely animal to start with...

Tab on the food/item or cake to feed/give the plushie. Each tap is 2 exp points The 3 hourly (Approximately) cake is 30 exp point per slice. You get double exp all the way after first completion.

Make sure you maximise the feed/give during the special light up of the experience gauge which gives you 1.5 points! Note the points would just be 3 (2 x 1.5) and 6 (4 x 1.5) after first completion.

Bonus system
Increase the chances of collecting exp point via entering the Bonus stage after posting on line, facebook or twitted
You control the mouse plushie to eat cheese in the 30 second fever bonus.

One major complaint is the heavily lack of credits! I do enjoy finding out about artists and companies that I have a liking in and the lack of name to all the pictures (From cover to help) isn't contributing much but just a freebie for players. Unlike the Houchi games released by various other companies, this one didn't give a free item to enter the bonus stage instantly... They probably gave it as a present for those reserving/signing up for the watch list.

The whole earning experience points to evolve from a plushie to a human reminds me of Catsapp's Kanzen Hentai! lol But the doll in this case is more to otome game liking. I must say from third evolution onwards there didn't seem like much of evolution?! XD It's just all bears...!

I'm half way through the game at the moment but unlock the special ending might not be interesting as I think it would be...


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