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Real Life Escape Room!

Having played various escape room games on mobile phone to call myself having intermediate level expertise, but this is actually my very first Real Life Escape Room! Luckily for real Life, you get to have more than one (Max 2 - 8 people group per one hour session) brain to work the puzzles out, though that said, you get additional time pressures plus people doing things that's beyond your control...

I don't have any photos to share since they didn't allow us to bring anything into the room. But read on for general comments...
It was interesting! But I didn't think I enjoyed it as much due to the large amount of people we had in the group and have people who just flips things over to find keys or clues or trying out random combinations at no thinking at all.

I think the room wasn't quite decorated initially given it was indeed set up in an office location hence you still get carpet and a leather sofa in the middle of the room with alot of pictures and frames (Though mostly of ships and landscape and the like, but they won't entirely contributing to solving the puzzles). You still get bits and pieces of decorations like skulls and flags (again, not so much use when it comes to solving the puzzle) there that reminds you're inside a pirate's room trying to find the hidden treasure. I was rather surprised to find two extra rooms as we progress through the puzzles. We knew it's gonna be more than one room (From friend's past experiences in Melbourne Escape room) but to think there was another one behind the giant mirror!

We were asked for feedback afterwards, and we found out what the difference between adventure 1 and 2 besides the room. Apparently they have an additional puzzle in 1! Hence it was recommended to us that we should do the other Murder mystery game next time, since they're relatively new too. Glad to have brains that works within the group after a long day. Highly recommended to go in the morning instead... at at least have something to eat before hand (Low on sugar for my brain as my excuses for losing brain cells during the one hour game).

The main difference between the game and real life is that... there's a huge lack of flow to the puzzles and clues I suppose (Well that and lack of BGM lol). I scared myself thinking there's something going to pop out after turning off the lights (But no they didn't do that, it would be interesting though but suppose there's a risk if people have heart attacks). It's definitely an experience and I would encourage people to try them! But I think I'll stick to games for now...

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