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Love of free fall & Led line
I actually don't understand the tag line at all orz

Shouta Alert! Brought to you by CyberQuest (CatsApps new blog ! ). I actually did a Yoyaku for this one because of the theme and the drawing. I think the drawing is by the same artist as Unmei no Horoscope 12 Seiza Uranau de Kijo no Mirai (My post here)? Further the game allows you to tap on the character to "Talk" - well really, just the character having a speech bubble above their heads.

I probably won't do a post for Hatsukoi wa First Kiss Kara, which all I see was Free! Iwatobi Swim Club rip off...! There's Haruka with glasses, Makoto with abit of curly hair and the Mikoshiba senpai from the other school! The gameplay was same as the Bakumatsu Renai kyosoukyoku (See my post here) but I enjoy that one more than Hatsukoi because of the drawing. =w= They would have been better off with original drawings!
*distracted* ... Touch... where again?

You returned to your parent's home for a long holiday break, while relaxing on the sofa in the living room you heard a strange voice calling to you to look after their kids. Whilst thinking it was merely an illusion created by your long working hours, you were woken up by the two kids in front of you who shook you by the shoulder...


This time the gameplay is split into two, simultaneously running different character routes at the same time! Despite the heart collections being shared, the cakes are individual characters specific! (Phew)

Slide to hearts and go to their room to give them the hearts to earn experience points!

Each heart is worth 2 points (Double after first completion, and they're smart in not letting you get double the amount of experience once you complete one route of one character for the other character). Each cake is worth 30 points.

As usual, the last stage allows the player to choose the ending. There are two endings for each route (So that's one extra ending compared to the past!) and upon finishing the 4 endings, the true ending will be unlocked! And I must say, the ending was very surprising!!! Make sure you are alone when you are close to finishing!

Bonus system
Bonus stage could be entered by sharing on various social platforms like line, facebook or twitted to earn 10 seconds of harvest fever! They have increased this to 4 points! This accelerate the process of collecting extra experience points.

This one seems to have been carefully planned out compared to the Hatsukoi one that is released on the same date. Perhaps because this is a newer system compared to the past? That or because it was a rolled over from this other app for the guys side with the princess and the witch route? Personally, I think I wouldn't mind the wait if they do a better quality check prior to releasing more game apps.

They evolve wearing costumes that the modern world female have a liking to. I get the vibe that the costumes for the Angel is actually more matured compared to the Devil. XD I mean... military uniform vs sailor uniform? XD
So how will you play yours? Would you favour Angel over Devil or equally? I'm actually more angel bias. Suppose the creators are the same since he's the first one you see when you enter the app! Though saying that it would be wise to treat them equally, as the cakes aren't shared among the two! Finishing them at the same time should be the way to go!

Ok, I really have to say something about the endings. I would highly recommend to play the bad ends (Select not pray for them) before playing the good end. Since the bad end is really sad. And because I had played the bad ends last, so when it got to the true end, the after taste of the bad end contradicted the happy go lucky type of true end. *Spoiler alert* AND LOL Isn't someone going to take them back home now that they're fully grown!? Looks like heroine became a full time baby sitter... XD

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