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Meitantei Billy Spin off

Wow! From Rival villian to Billy's partner to totally stealing the show in game 5 (Though it haven't ended yet, but the supposed Hana's background is about to be revealed...!? ) to having his very own spinoff game!(He came a long way to become the company's favourite - I mean the world ranking in english actually called it Kaito House!

Kaito from Meitantei Billy gets his own game based on his past story prior to him becoming a detective by the very same company Goodia Inc! Always good to see that Goodia appearing in the form of a magazine. lol

Definitely not to be missed by Detective Billy fans!
Somehow... having played the game I think the background here looks too empty. lol

Kaito sneak into the house as an servant in the hope of helping an elderly man to retrive an item taken away from him.

Probably the plainest map there is!

Each stage (room) is a mission, where you need to find (simply slide left or right to find the item and tap) the missing items by the requester within the given time limit. There is no need to tap the item that they don't need, hence if you have tap on the wrong item you will be penalised and lose seconds from the time limit.


Once you clear the mission (finding all the required items) you will gain the trust of the requester while leveling up with experience and getting coins to increase your HP and time for HP recovery. Each 1 HP takes 5 minutes to recover. So that is to say, the more you play the easier it will get! However, different levels are unlocked after you're used to the layout of a room (stage), where the room becomes dark or more items to be found within the time limit.

Earn the trust from various characters by finding their requested items in the room (Stage, which can be replayed to complete the items collection listing) and get to another room!

* Use the KP (Kakusei Points, though I call it Kaito Points instead XD) which aids the mission. Apparently there are 7 types of abilities in total though I don't use it enough to know what they are. lol So far there's find the specific item (useful when you have at least 4 seconds if you don't know what the last item is) and there's the extend area of light when your're in a dark room.
* Use coins to buy HP recovery items!
* Twitt ONCE to earn 100G!
* Complete the full collection. The collections items are rated between 1 stars to 3 stars. This contribute to your world ranking. (lol I'm no where near the listing! Out of range! Gosh there are crazy people out there! )
* Try not to use up all the Gold because later on in the stage you need to buy your way through to the other rooms. I wasted mine on HP and then DOOM, need to play other stages again for items not found previously to get more gold. Good thing though with 100 trust points rooms you don't need to find all the items to complete anymore!

I find it funny how once you gain the trust of the old butler you could then access to the Maid's room... lol And seriously, the place where they leave all these items are so random...!

Kaito's game is actually alot easier compared to Billy's game (I'm getting stuck on too much converting Japanese to number type of puzzles now since their 4th game ), despite not knowing some of the name of the items. Lesson well learnt! You can gain people's trust via finding objects! One good thing with this game is you learn the Japanese name of each item! Further, you could lookup what the item is before commencing the search! Though I wish there is a collection listing before hand, because sometimes it's hard to tell what is what given the small screen, hence I would recommend playing on a ipad/tablet instead of a phone.

Needless to say, stay tune for more Detective Billy releases from Goodia!

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