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Inference Card Game!

Bought to you by Goodia Inc! Thought I posted before but apparently not the case - obviously my brain broke after playing it. lol Apart from the beautifully illustrated characters compared to their upbringing title Meitantei Billy, this one is actually quite interesting in terms of its story. On top of that the game play is simple too... it somewhat reminds me of Miles Edgeworth's Chess Logic gameplay!
Don't be deceived by the pair of glasses... lol

Set in some near future, a broadcasting station which a monthly fees of 6.66 million yen and contractors are limited to 660,000 people worldwide. There is a popular station where murders are frequent, a popular program called Brain Break" is broadcast during the Golden time every Sunday in the underground SHSF stadium.

The game rules are simple. A NG word is given for each challenger that they could not see behind them. The game master will ask questions and you'll be safe as long as you don't use the NG words. You get 10 million yen prize money for each good answer.

Within the bunch, Tanaka Ichirou have a debt of 10 billion yen, was invited by a woman to be the Game Master of Brain Break, where if he won against a challenger he would be able to earn 1 million...

Main Characters
Tanaka Ichirou - Game Master who have super human memory.
Monroe - Mysterious woman who got Ichirou onto the show.
Yamasato Kouichi - Show MC, aka Yamacchi.

Make the challenger say the NG word but selecting key words in a questions. Key words would form part of your stock cards. The game finishes either when the NG word is said or when you have used up all your rounds and not being able to get the NG word out from the challenger (Game over). There is also an Out Word which will trigger game over as well as it's not related to the case.

Use the opponent's NG Words to get them to talk and bring out the keywords!

The last stage was a killer...! Took me some time because of the challenger doesn't really talk much...!
Suppose it's like one of those Liar game like story (Huge about of debt and playing this game that could turn their lives upside down), but saying that I enjoy this quite alot for the game play style. Probably because it focus on individual characters at a time, hence more background story to each characters? There were 5 stages in total for this game, hence there needs to be many more so his debt would return to zero! XD Each of the stage character are uniquely designed and have their own unique appearance and background story - wait, this reminds me of Phoenix Wright series!

The twist of Ichirou's background was very unexpected! lol *Spoiler alert* Ikemen behind the glasses and not only that, the genius behind the B.B system!!! Although they said To be continue, I don't see how Ichirou needs to continue to play as the game master (despite the whole gathering data reason). I wonder if the sequel would be about the others from the Runaway listing...

Anyway, I do look forward to the sequel to come (If it does come)!


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