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Novel Dassatsu game

Bought to you by Hipopo! I'm somewhat scared of their other app called Horror ikusei Azami, especially when I'm still stuck on level 3 of Persona Q with the same freaky dolls appearing and standing in your way in the dark!!! That aside, what I wanted to talk about wasn't that game but this beautifully illustrated escape room game set in the Taisho period ! *Is bias about Taisho Period*

Set in the Taisho period of Japan. The hero work up in a mysterious garden whilst have absolutely no idea where he is and who he is. Appeared before him were 5 boys, and which the red haired beautiful boy called Adom asked "Won't you play a game with us? Though if you fail to get out, you'll have to become our toy". Then he was locked into the old church with one of the boys Lavan, while trying to figure the way out...

Adom = Hiiro
Kakhol = Seiran
Tsahov = Canaria
Yarok = Tokiwa
Lavan = Geppaku

As with most escape games, tab on suspicious area or input numbers for puzzles. The game have autosave function, so you don't need to save at all!

Don't get too hang up over getting out from this door!

Unlike their other titles, the art style is towards female liking (somewhat reminded me of Asumiko Nakamura's style, equally captive looking characters! ), so I was surprised that the main character is actually a male!!! If it was a female lead, it will probably gonna remind me of Diabolik Lovers more. XD Anyway, the whole church theme becomes abit scary with the sound effect and the lack of people in the room. I kept thinking what would happen if this was in real life (Having down one in real life not long ago). Given myself always trying to put everything into the fire to see the hidden words. lol Glad they didn't burn off my important puzzle parts...!

Having search the proper spelling of the character names, their names are actually in Hebrew (Ancient Israel language)! Somehow I think the boys are already dead begin with... well at least probably Lavan... He's so cute and I think his twin could be a girl. XD And lol the Do S Adom and Do M Kahoru little scenario at the end was abit... BL.

They also provide answers on their official site! How thoughtful, though I think the flow of the puzzles were ok as it is! I was relatively surprised that we're not expected to get out of the church via the front door! Only right to go via the hidden passage given it's to be continued!? Definitely looking forward to the next chapter to come! It looks like Canaria will be tagging along in the next story...?

Official site


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