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Sherlock Holmes x Vampire x ANIME?!

lol What is this!? Cucuri's Vampire Holmes got anime adaptation!? (Anime site here) To be honest I didn't think it was that great of a story to have get one... probably feeds off from the Sherlock Holmes TV series that's ever popular... and hence, riding this trend, I'll do a quick note of the Vampire Holmes games that I have played some time ago!
Game 1 Vampire Holmes

In London, a street where people are scared of the rumored Vampire during night time. You were woken up by a mysterious man in front of you named Holmes, who told you that he was chasing after the vampire into this house. Despite not having the keys upon entering, you couldn't get out of this house without the keys. Thus starts the search with Holmes around the house...

Game 2 Kyuuketsuki kara no Shoutaijo

One day you received an dinner invitation where detectives would gather from the sender named Baldy, the master of the King's Yakata. You who is on the Vampire case in London will attend the dinner in order to get some more information...

Game 3 Kamishibai no Sekai kara no dassatsu

Holmes bought an old paper theatre drama titled "Nazo to Kurushimu hito". In order to escape the reality of having interests on the outstanding rent, he opened the paper theater and both of you were drawn into the paper theater world! There you meets Kurozukin aka Chao, but in order to get out you must solve the mysteries?!

I did a quick look up on Holmes's character voice Sena Yoshinobu. Turns out he's multitalented artist specialised in the production of scenario writing, novel, song writer, even a seiyuu! Some may know him as Tokugawa Shinnosuke from Shisengumi Ayakashi Setsugekka in which he also wrote the scenario for or from Rucia from Royal Flower Koisuru Hana no Oujisama (My lengthy post here). I wonder if this whole series part of self promotion as a seiyuu...? That or it's probably faster for them to draw anime than for the developers to do the app (like once a month) for it...

Personally I wasn't entirely convinced that this is a great enough app to get an animation adaptation, regardless I'll give episode 1 at least a go when it comes to April! Meanwhile, check out the games for a grasp of Holmes personality.

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