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Otome Game Maker!

Ever wonder what it's like if your ideal boyfriend - be it your favourite celebrity or your favourite 2D characters - living in the same building?! Our otome gaming really push us far this time. Sooner or later we'll probably forget the 3D world!

Bought to you by GimmicPlus Inc! Unlike your normal renai game, you actually get to create your own ideal boyfriend character and name your own mansion building name! Input his name and set his type, further, his Line avatar, normal, smiling and sad faces/still images! It's definitely a great app for people who loves to draw their own characters and not think about the story lines!
The ikemen bunch... lol

You just finished the Spring break, and into the second year of High school. On your way to school you meet up with your classmate from the first year, Aki

Character personality
With a range of scenarios base on one of the 8 chosen characteristics.

Starting with:
* The energetic childhood friend
* The kind childhood friend
* The cool childhood friend
Then unlock:
* The artist older brother
* The reliable older brother
* The popular cool beauty model
* The serious and cute Kouhai (underclassman)
* The gentle Doctor

Basically it's the novel type. At most time you don't really have to choose the reply. The only thing is that you need to play the gacha to obtain the required items.

lol at the CUTE face... like... what face!? The gameplay is pretty much like this screen shot from the prologue, but of course replace this faceless character with the picture you upload...

You will receive messages between the story as if you're really chatting to him. You have 3 responses to choose from.

I love the little detail to how once you sent our your reply, it will take abit of them to include the little "read" next to it. XD

* Login daily to read the story and get present.
* Invitation Code - 941-932-005 (Earn up to 15 love rose - iPhone 15 and Android 10, valid until 23/02/2015)!
* Use love rose to get gacha items (Ensure you choose the correct route gacha that you have chosen otherwise you can't use them - sometimes I tap too quickly that I missed. orz) to progress with the events within the stories!

I think most people get stuck at the initial setup. Like what to call the character and the personality of the charater... but most likely, the emotion pictures! I regret putting seiyuu pictures into it for test play, made me lol so bad because of the random photos I put it. XD Ok, I admit, I put Sakurai Takahiro's pictures to test run the app. It was a quick measure since I don't have time to draw my original character for the app (Since I wanted to quickly test and blog about it to earn those extra bonus items, though saying that this was actually released before valentine! lol) . Plus I actually choose the wrong type of personality too... I have chosen the Kind childhood friend with the thought that those faceless kareshi would be used (I blame it on the faceless character next to the personality/scenario selection). But to be honest I think Sakurai should have been the Cool type. One thing I wish they have the function to cropping of the images, and allowing the background to be seen through your uploaded image instead of having to edition on the computer before hand.

Surely the gameplay would be different (Serious vs funny), especially depending on what picture you choose. In most cases, I think it's towards the funny end that the app is actually getting quite a bit of attention. lol (I too considered using the same image for the different emotions) Test it out for yourself!

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