[iPhone] Mimic Omimi Panic

FINALLY! A TSUDA voiced app!!!!

Brought to you by Visualworks Co. Ltd.! Different scenarios to cause your ears to panic because you get two characters in one!!! Although saying that, it's really just one character talking to you per ear.

Interestingly, they didn't use a character as the app icon this time round. Suppose it's only right if they decided to release more characters!

The three childhood friends - Akihisa, Yukio and yourself - have been together since you were a child, and even when you grew up now. But can this relationship continue and when will it ends. Who do you like between Akihisa and Yukio? Or do you like both? The choice is yours...

Akihisa (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)
Yukio (CV: Masuda Toshiki)

The English is slightly confusing in this one so I thought I would write it out. Select from the three panels - Akihisa, Yukio or both, then click chestbox select to play. Click to Series to return to the character select.

You only get 5 free tracks (Relatively fewer compared to the other apps like voice supplement, however, if you compare the amount of words for each track it probably balance out) from the white chestbox per character, the bonus track falls under the both series. I did the Otome yoyaku for this app, hence I got the Special Chest box, which is the seiyuu freetalk with Masuda and Tsuda! I think more panic comes into play with the bonus track to be honest, since... Tsuda even did a sudden close up Chu during the interview. lol

I think Tsuda does a better job with the whole dummy headphone recording, since he does move around alot. lol (I might be bias, though I didn't think the character suit him much... he does better wild characters! XD) With the both series, I thought it would have been more interesting if they do alternative between the ears... though figured they won't do that since that means the picture would have to move too. Whilst the both series, I would recommend checking out the profile for laughs. XD

As with Masuda, I think he's relatively new, and I only know him as Kirihara Atom from Marginal#4 (Also Touyama Kousuke from Possession Magenta due to be released end of May this year)... suppose the purpose of the app will be to boost some new fans for the younger seiyuu by pairing them up with older seiyuu?

Let's hope there'll be more series to come!

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