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Otome Chikyuuboueibe LOVE Game!

I must say I had more expectation when I saw the otome game yoyaku at first... without seeing what it was really about and what the transformation looked like. I think the anime ruined it. lol The style of drawing that I like in the app is GONE! And I had goosebumps when I saw the disturbing familiar transformation bracelet and transformation sequences to Sailormoon... I'm lost for words. Some people actually called the show Sailormen. lol But one must admit, their costumes are more of Pretty Cure instead!

Figure I should head straight back on to the game now that it have just released by Anipani Corp. (NHN Playart x Animate)! Based on the original story by Umatani Kurari, fully voiced (playable routes only), and the manga that focuses on the Conquest club is beautifully illustrated by Morino Mizu!

NOTE: This app requires access to Japan Store.

Heroine is a student from Bijyokou. Since her bathroom at home is under repair, so her mum suggest that she should go to the Kurotamayu public bathhouse that is run by her ex classmate from middle school Yumoto whom she haven't seen since graduation. Upon arriving to bathhouse, she see Yumoto chasing after a pink wombat, who dropped behind a bracelet with a heart shape. After picking up the bracelet, she was saved by Io but shortly departed to avoid trouble when Ryuu appeared. Whilst debating over getting Yumoto away from the counter at the bathhouse, she sees the Atsushi senpai whom she was closed with since Kindergarten and made a promise to get married to when she grow up. When introduced to En, the others she met on the way also show up at the bathhouse. Shortly after a Udon monster chased heroine to the outside of the bathhouse where the guys transformed into Battle Lovers and defeated the monster. Turns out, because heroine picked up the test bracelet that is now stuck on heroine's hand was created by pink Wombat aka CcRawdlaviu+S who came from WFIROCBX planet which would attract the monster in order to protect Earth with the power of love. In order to protect heroine, they suggest that she dress up as a boy with Yumoto's uniform and Atsushi's spare pair of glasses, and enroll to Binankoukou.

On her first day of transfer, she was stopped by the members from the Student Council. In which the vice-president Arima was questioning the other two if they think it's strange to see heroine in disguise at their school. Due to heroine's high mark achieved at the entrance exam, the president Kusatsu invite her to join the Student Council. After a day of school, who will she decided to go pay a visit... ?

Interestingly the mascots are not voiced in the game (Not that I expect hidden route... he sounds too old for me to be an interesting route lol).


Earth Defence Club
Hakone Yumoto (CV: Yamamoto Kazutomi)
Yufuin En (CV: Umehara Yuichiro)
Kinugawa Atsushi (CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)
Naruko Io (CV: Shirai Yusuke)
Zaou Ryuu (CV: Masuda Toshiki)

Conquest Club
Kusatsu Kinshirou (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi)
Arima Ibushi (CV: Fukuyama Jun)
Gero Akoya (CV: Terashima Takuma)


* Main stories
* Side (One short) stories
* Voice (and Talk) Collection
* Mini (Episode) Collection

The main stories are released over the next few months (And only one ending for all other character apart from Yumoto, otherwise you just get a friend end ). *Sigh* I want to play the Conquest club routes sooner. Though saying that I might be bias because of the more known seiyuus.

* Daily login (Up to 15 days) to receive token and gifts!
* Redeem those yoyaku codes under other campaign!
* Invite up to 10 people with Friend Code - 519560195 to receive 1 free token for voice collection!

I would recommend to watch the first episode of the anime then head into this game. Just to get an idea how they started becoming Magical boys. lol One could continue to watch it to see more of the character personality to decided which route you want to play the most. XD I'm probably ok with this game since you don't really see the bottom half of the body. (Even the Conquest Club with those long boots in the anime... )

Though I'm relatively surprised that Yumoto as the main character (Given the anime version had Atsushi and Kusatsu together when they were young?), I could imagine the non love ends to his route since he doesn't seem to have interest in human, particularly one without lots of hair. Arima gives me the vibe of Makoto and Kusatsu as Haru (with more Tsudere-ness ) from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. XD That said, my favourite are those two. XD Definitely look forward to playing the main game!

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