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Kare Okosu

I'm now under the impression there's a Kaji voice bank out there somewhere for purchase with all these alarms apps to be released. lol Brought to you by Media Kobo Inc., the idea of the app is for you (particularly for those who isn't a morning person) to be waken up to a great day everyday!

Short one since a while... Kaji does make me motivated to update.

Hakaze Hikaru (CV: Kaji Yuki)

I'm surprised they put the birth year for the character in the character profile... in most cases one should ignore which year they're born in and give them the specific character age instead!

This one was like a younger brother version Kaji, much like energetic type Finny from Kuroshitsuji. As seen with Watashi Senyou! Aisare mezamashi by IdeaFlood (which also features Kaji as their first alarm, for more details see my post. On a side note, Volume 4 had been released for sometimes but I just never blogged it... probably because the seiyuu was Toriumi Kousuke. ) it has the alarm function, I particularly like how with this one you could custom his voiced line alarm with the specific emotion attached.

Ranges from 5 different emotions, I think they're Happy, angry, sad, normal, cheeky.

Unfortunately this one doesn't offer the one minute game after you're awake... which only means you could sleep in!
Apart from the awesome alarm functions... there's something we probably forgetting... such as... whatever happened to the Kiss aspect that's suggested in the title!? lol I wasn't totally processing what sort of voice drama this would be when I first come across it. *Isn't one of those people who reads the description and get apps based on the images lol* It should probably be called Kare Okosu!

As this is their first release, stay tune for more characters to come!

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