[iPhone] Riajuu Bakuhatsu Shiro!

Explode! Those with a satisfying Real Life!!

Ever felt that you want to cast mischief onto those happy and loving couples that is all over each other?! Well now you can! With the help from Uehara Lab x Branch Lee, this app allows you to do exactly that... with a little bit of help... from a random god...!
Not sure if it was intentional, but the lonely souls (God and Wizard) are in black and white whilst the loving couples are in colour!

You just turned 30 years old today. But you have no girlfriends, friends nor a job. You wish to cause mischief on those in happiness. Upon your prayer, a god like figure appear before you to turn your wish into action!? However there's a trick to it, that is to collect 10 lonely fairies...

Tap on the couples to cast mischief to fill the mischief meter to level up. Combos could be triggered upon near by couples which gives higher score overall to level up quicker!

I love it how they do alternate between the good (Odd attempts) and bad (Even attempts) in game couples! XD

The Hey! button allows couples to be summon quicker upon full meter. This is on top of the normal recovery. Must say the recovery of couples are quick (compared to most houchi games) regardless of this button! XD

At the end of the level press the button to cast mischief!

What will you wish for!?

Wasn't too sure what the fairies do apart from tell you that you have completed each stage as part of the completion and the so call summoning of the legendary fairy that grant you a wish. And the evolution of the wizard... I actually thought he would turn into an ikemen with the hair grow and glasses all. =w=

Let's skip the bad English in this one and focus on the beautiful event CGs (Although the characters are not drawn in the same style during the game play)! XD I actually enjoy playing this!? (WHY, I'm such a cruel person! XD) There's a few different art styles in this game but I actually play it to see all the events CGs (which is what caught my attention in the first place). Though I enjoy the second CGs more (The mischief CGs)!!!

I did suspect the God to have some sort of trick to make you cause mischief to couples, because it seems like he's the one that wanted to take revenge. *Spoiler Alert* I thought there will be a hidden end but the three wishes ends didn't even happened... Turns out this game is a vicious cycle of how they end up being lonely and the next God! XD Deep in my mind I knew this God is probably the reason for aging population in Japan. (J/k) Regardless of the ending you choose you ended up rotating in cycle and you will note what the God says actually gave you some hint that he was like you in the first place...! It goes back to the beginning so smoothly that I actually went OMG it all make perfect sense and creepy at the same time!!

No choice is safe...

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